January 18, 2022


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Young man loses $ 230 on viral photo rental guarantee because his landlord found peas in the fridge | Dictoc Viral | Modilda Hargreaves | Interests | UK | UK | Liverpool Enta NNRT | LOCOMUND

Stories about Countless are packed And Matilda Hargreaves’ has become After finding a pea in the fridge and learning that the landlord of the young student had decided to suspend the rent guarantee ($ 230) for causing outrage among users of this site.

Hargreaves, 20, said upon learning The tenant of the house withheld the warranty, Sending a photo in return, in which you can find the vegetable inside the freezer.

Despite considering the argument of “Just ridiculous”, Modilda Not wanting to appeal the decision, he decided to go, not without making some statements on his account in the first place Tick ​​tock, He said, offering accommodation “In a much better condition than we immigrated to”.

These are the excuses of the landlord of Modilda to keep the rent guarantee. (Photo: Northern News & Images)

And that young woman is an English literature student John Moores University of Liverpool (UK), so he rented a 7-room house in which he lived with only 3 people (due) International spread of corona virus It still affects United Kingdom)

ModildaHowever, he did not miss the opportunity to criticize the landlord: “Refusing the deposit and sending a picture of a pea in the freezer as an explanation (about retaining the warranty) is very absurd. They also sent us a picture of the Bibre bottle we left in a room.”.

When they went to the apartment in question, the student assured them that the facilities had been provided to them and were not necessary Excellent conditions: “There was a lot of card when we moved in. We removed it. But since we left some areas, they charged us for that too.”.

Matilda Hargreaves advertised her annoyance at the suspension of warranty using Dick Toke.  (Photo: Northern News & Images)
Matilda Hargreaves advertised her annoyance at the suspension of warranty using Dick Toke. (Photo: Northern News & Images)

After reflecting on how difficult his adaptation was as a student in the midst of the epidemic COVID-19She and her colleagues were wondering whether or not to appeal the landlord’s decision, but they eventually abandoned it.

“Dealing with student-owned businesses is very frustrating because they can make you feel like you know nothing. But we’m lucky to have parents with experience in this.”He explained.

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