December 8, 2021

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A , Identified as Diana Perez Zara Its For helping her pay for both , Full effort and sacrifice, and shared the story of what happened in his life , In a Facebook post.

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Now professionally, it all started when she approached her mother with the idea of ​​studying law and public notaries, but her mother was by her Economic situation, I had the opportunity to pay only one.

I entered my room crying (I was so young, I did not understand the commitment of the adults and the great effort that the parents have put in us), until this man approached me and said ‘se raji hasbe ko se kus ambapota’ Ani rehab law student notary public ’(I go to work until my fingers hurt, But you are going to study notary law). They don’t know the smile on my lips, I’m a happy daughter. “He wrote on the aforementioned social network.

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Diana Perez said her stepmother noticed her excellent effort. Adhesive and sewing shoes Raise enough money each month for a college graduation.

“28 years ago he accepted a father’s commitment that my brothers and I were not his children. 28 years ago he was the best dad in the world! My biological father died in an accident when I was 1 year old, but an angel sent me ‘my dad Don Terlis’, He thought.

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The young woman was never disappointed by all the hardships her parents had to go through in their careers, she successfully completed her university cycles and became a better person. Professional.

“My heartfelt father, hardworking, humble and with a big heart, a big thank you to Dan Derlis, who loves animals as much as I do, and is in charge of the puppy shelter he has with me today. He had a very old little motorcycle on which he helped so many animals. Today is his birthday and for the love of animals This is your gift, He noted.

He gave me two college degrees and I give him this! Congratulations to the noble man “, Finished.

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