March 22, 2023

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Yostop: What happened to those responsible for the violation of Ainara Suarez | YouTuber Jocelyn Hoffman | Celebrities | Mexico | nnda nnlt | FAME

In 2018 He was convicted of four counts of sexually abusing himself after attending a party. After many years, the case is taking a safer course, with a sentence being handed down against those responsible. An influential person who manages a YouTube channel called Usestop has been accused of spreading the word.

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The victim uploaded the stories on her Instagram social network, where she realized she was gaining the support of her family, her boyfriend, lawyers and various groups so that her case could be prosecuted and justice done.

I do not want to say anything about this topic because I do not know what to say, I think it’s time to talk, I want to start by saying that I’m happy to have started doing something, it’s just the first step, I still have a long way to go, four people missing“, He pointed out.

Ainara She also believes that she will continue to fight for justice because that is her main goal.

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This happened in 2018 Ainara He was a teenager and went to a party where his high school classmates also attended. After drinking some alcohol, the unfortunate incident occurred and the attack was recorded and then went viral on social networks.

She dared to tell her truth on the TV show Ventanando.

“I do not know what happened. If it was not for the video, I would never have realized it. I do not remember, I do not remember what happened.”, He declared.

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Ainara Suarez, a young woman, fights for justice in her case (Photo: Ainara Suarez / Instagram)

The young woman said she realized she had been sexually abused two days later when she received a video showing what had happened. “A boy who was my friend sent it to me and asked me: ‘What happened?’ When I realized that it was scary, yes, it was like I was facing another blow“, he said.

But still Ainara He had to face another enemy, and that was one thing Yostop An influence that witnessed videos that created more people to know about his case.

The day the video came out on YouTube, when it started raining hate on me, people all realized that it was me and that it was not just a fight, it was a rape video. It was only when everything started to get so big that I felt so bad, I felt so exposed, I was not ready for that attention.He revealed.

As a way to solve the problem, the young woman wanted to approach youtuber But it failed.

Has been detained

YouTuber was arrested last Tuesday Yosel’s “H”, Also Known As: Yostop, Accused of child pornography. The moment he was detained at his home in the office of Benito Juarez Mayor near Norward by agents of the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City was spotted through social networks.

After that, Yoselin was transferred to the Santa Marta Acaditla Women’s Prison south of “H” CDMX, where she will face justice after three months Ainara File a lawsuit against him for child pornography.

He rebuked all four Carlos R., Julian G., Axel A. Y Nicholas b. Such a complaint was made before Special Advocate for Sexual Offenses of the Attorney General’s Office For equal violence and child pornography. To date, it is not known if any of these defendants have already been arrested.

Celebrate Detention

After arresting the influencer, Ainara celebrated the arrest by the police. His distressed delight was expressed by a message shared by prosecuting attorney Shootay and Delzol Cojon.

Inara and her team of lawyers confirmed the news of Yoseline’s arrest by members of the investigative police of the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City. We celebrate the work that the authorities have done so far”Reads news shared on social networks.

On the other hand, as he celebrates, there are other users on social networks who question whether the four people accused of this crime have been caught to date.

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