October 1, 2022


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Yolanda Medina and her strong accusation of ‘cheating’ on her by group 5: “They did not let me go on stage” Showbiz celebrity | Performances

Strong! He and his partner attended the ‘America Hoy’ show as special guests . During the interview, the singer started making a strong accusation live . The singer pointed out that some time ago they “cheated” on her and banned her from going on stage.

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The conversation with Cumbiampras began when they questioned the downfall of some faces of local music, such as John Kelvin, who was imprisoned for assaulting his partner. That’s when Yolanda got the chance to tell a story during an event.

I was in the US with Grobo 5 and they would not let me go on stage because they thought I would hang on to their fame, so one of its members was the dark haired one. He told me, “You want to go with Group 5 so that you can hang on to our glory”, They just threw it away. “That sparked controversy on the TV box.

And Brunella Horna insisted that Medina reveal the singer’s name, however, he only wanted to give clues.

“Once I saw him on a channel with a CD, I said” hello, how are you, dude, what are you doing here? I’m sorry I can’t “… Culebritica was sung by a boy”, Whipped

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In this regard, Christian Dominguez wondered who then sang the song. Dono SosayaBut Yolanda did not confirm the name.

Christian Dominguez advises musicians

Then This led Christian Dominguez to offer them some advice.

What happens here is that an artist not only has to sing or act beautifully, he has to be trained. You have to have sacrifices, always be tolerant, even if you are in a bad mood, we owe it to the public.Said.

How was Group 5 born?

Group 5 is a Gumbia band based in Manchefu, Chiclayo. Currently, it is led by the Yaipén Quesquén brothers: Elmer, Andy and Christian, sons of Elmer Yaiben Uyban, one of the band’s co-founders.

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