September 17, 2021

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Xi Jinping told Joe Biden: “If China and the United States confront each other, both countries and the world will suffer.”

Chairman of China, Xi JinpingHe told his American colleague today, Joe BidenDuring a telephone conversation, if Beijing and Washington face “both countries and the world will be affected”, the joint work will benefit everyone.

“When China And United States The two countries and the world are working together. If the two countries collide head-on, the two countries and the world will be affected, ”Shi said in a statement from the Asian Foreign Ministry.

“Policy China From United States This has caused serious difficulties for relations between the two powers, G said during a known second telephone conversation between the leaders of the two major economies on the planet.

The Foreign Ministry statement said, “The two leaders maintained honest, broad and in-depth strategic communication, as well as exchanged key issues on bilateral relations and shared interests.”

More responsibilities to China and the United States

Relationships between United States And China “It’s not a multifaceted question of whether they can do it right, but a compelling-answer question of how to do it right,” the Chinese president added.

“Right now, the international community is facing many common problems. China And EE UU They must accept greater responsibilities and continue to look forward to demonstrating strategic and political value, ”the text added.

All of this will soon strain relations between the two countries, “for the greater good of the people of both countries and the world at large.”

According to a speech by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xi Jinping A few days after the visit, Chinese efforts to combat the climate crisis were cited China Of Special Envoy EE UU For Climate Emergency, John Kerry.

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Aiming at progress in this and other fields, Xi Jinping And Joe Biden They agreed to “maintain continuous communication through various channels” to government officials at other levels and departments to “create conditions for the improvement of relations”. China And EE UU“.

During the time of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) the relations between Beijing and Washington were deeply damaged on many levels and they are still suffering.

(With information from EFE)