August 17, 2022

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World’s Best 50: Central Peruvian restaurant voted second best restaurant in the world | Virgo | Maida | Peruvian Food | Advantage

, the event that brings together the world’s best chefs, took place this Monday at Old Billingsgate in London, and Danish restaurant Geranium was named the best restaurant in the world. At the same event, Peru Restaurant Voted second best in the world and best in Latin America.

With an important Peruvian presence in the top 50 of 2021, this year Peru is favorite to become the best in the world thanks to the work of its chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pia Leon. Although he did not reach the top spot, he managed to improve by 2 positions compared to the 2022 ranking.

Other Peruvian restaurants shortlisted in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants are Jaime Pesac, one of the newcomers to this year’s list. The establishment located in Miraflores was number 31. Mitsuharu Tsumura’s Marte, who finished 7th in 2021 for Maido, dropped out of the top 10 this time and finished 11th.

A few weeks ago, the restaurants ranked 100 to 51 were revealed. Here’s Pia Leon’s Peruvian restaurant Kjollé, in the same spot.Improving 27 positions over the previous year.

The bad news is that two Peruvian restaurants have dropped out of the list of the world’s best 100 restaurants: Mill (rank 90 in 2021) and Astrid & Gaston (rank 96 in 2021).

You can update the announcement ceremony here:

This is the performance of Peruvian restaurants compared to other restaurants in Latin America:

Country Number of restaurants in the top 50 Restaurants and stands
Colombia 1 Leo (48)
Brazil 1 Oteque (47)
Chili 1 Boracay (43)
Argentina 1 Don Julio (14)
Mexico Two Quinton (9), Pujols (5)
Peru 3 Maida (31), Maido (11), Central (2)
Brazil 1 A pig’s house (8)
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Pia Leone Announces Best Chef 2022
Pia Leone Announces Best Chef 2022

These are the best restaurants in the world in 2022

Rank 50: Singlethread (USA).

Rank 49: Ikoyi (England) – New income.

Location 48: Leo (Colombia).

Rank 47: Oteque (Brazil) – new income.

Location 46: Belcanto (Portugal).

Rank 45: Narisawa (Japan).

Place 44: Le Bernardin (USA).

Location 43: Boracay (Chile).

Rank 42: Quique da Costa (Spain).

Rank 41: Lasim (Japan).

Rank 40: Schloss Schauenstein (Switzerland).

Level 39: Chorn (Thailand).

Level 38: Jordner (Denmark).

Level 37: FYN (South Africa) – Africa’s best restaurant.

Level 36: Odette (Singapore).

Place 35: Cove Club (England).

Level 34: Hisa Franko (Slovenia).

Level 33: Atomix (USA).

Level 32: Maya (Peru).

Rank 31: Arpage (Paris).

Rank 30: Florilege (Tokyo).

Place 29: St. Hubertus (Italy).

Place 28: Le Clarence (France).

Place 27: Hof van Cleve (Belgium).

Place 26: Tim Rao (Germany).

Place 25: Fransen (Sweden)

Place 24: President (Hong Kong, China)

Place 23: Jane (Belgium)

Rank 22: September (France)

Place 21: Mugaritz (Spain)

Rank 20: Ten (Japan) – Asia’s best restaurant.

Rank 19: Piazza Duomo (Italy).

Place 18: Alchemist (Denmark).

Rank 17: Novelhard Schmutzig (Germany).

Rank 16: Elcano (Spain).

Rank 15: Royal (Italy).

Rank 14: Don Julio (Argentina).

Rank 13: Steyreck (Austria).

Rank 12: Uliassi (Italy)- Great new entry

Rank 11: Maido (Peru).

Top 10:

Rank 10: Le Calandre (Italy).

Level 9: In Quinton (Mexico).

Rank 8: Garden Riviera (Italy).

Level 7: A Casa do Borgo (Brazil).

Level 6: Etxebarri Grill (Spain).

Level 5: Pujol (Mexico) – Best of North America.

Level 4: Diverso (Spain).

Level 3: Enjoy (Spain).

Level 2: Center (Peru).

Level 1: Geranium (Denmark).

In 2021, these were the Peruvian restaurants on the World’s Top 100 Restaurants list:

  • Level 4: Central, Pia Leon and Virgilio Martinez
  • Place 7: Maido, by Mitsuharu “Micha” Sumura
  • Level 90: Mill, Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leone
  • Rank 95: Kjolle, Pia Leon
  • Level 96: Astrid and Gaston, Gaston Acurio and Astrid Gutsey


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The World’s 50 Best Restaurants celebrated its 20th anniversary in London, before traveling to New York, Melbourne (Australia), Bilbao (Spain) and Singapore from 2003 to 2015 during the pandemic hiatus.