January 18, 2022


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World War III | World Peace | Ranking of the best countries to take refuge in the midst of an armed conflict | NNDC | Science

Think of one I think of one of the most violent scenes for humanity; However, it has a ranking of the most peaceful countries in the world, which can be considered specifically for asylum in the event of an armed conflict.

According to him It is a global peace code that qualifies countries on the basis of three dimensions: social security and security, ongoing national and international conflicts and the level of militarization.

When the aforementioned media explored 99.7% of the world’s population through these three domains, it was found that the peace had deteriorated, which is significant despite the low percentage.

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on violence due to a significant increase in demonstrations: more than 5,000 viral-related violence cases by 2020.

Under the circumstances, there is a low probability but not impossibility that there are fears that this planet could face World War III in the future.

That is why, as every year, the Global Peace Index lists countries that can offer the best living conditions in the midst of large-scale war.

Country ranking

  • 1 Iceland: Considered the most peaceful country on the planet, it has a quality that favors its geographical isolation.
  • 2nd New Zealand: Its ability to produce hydropower and its fertile fields means that New Zealanders can become self-sufficient if isolated by war. Add to that its location, far from the great centers of power, and the country is returning to a safe place in the face of global conflict.
  • 3rd Denmark: Although being part of NATO will eventually drag Denmark into a war, it has a region that can ensure peace: remote and isolated Greenland.
  • 4 ர்ச்ச Portugal: Portugal has distanced itself from the recent rise of far-right populist movements in other parts of Europe. This is not the case with most of the international conflicts that have developed since World War II, making the Portuguese a stable territory both internally and externally.
  • 5th Slovenia: The neutrality of this state is something that has already been proven during the two world wars, so it is estimated that under the same circumstances, its behavior will not change. It is included in the development of thermal, solar and hydropower, which means it does not need to depend on other countries for its distribution.
  • 6 ஸ்திர Austria: The country ranks one privileged out of 163 people ranked by the Global Peace Index 2019, and its scores are also high in social and security ratings.
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Switzerland (7), Ireland (8), Czech Republic (9) and Canada (10) finished in the top 10.

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