May 31, 2023

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Woman fined billions for leaking details of her neighbor’s sex life on TV | LOCOMUND

Kara appeared on Spanish state television and on a woman, airing a complaint from a neighbor who raised “annoying noises” while having sex.

The Girl Who used the program “Morning” RTVE To publicly denounce the “annoying noises” made by her neighbor while holding Sexual intercourse, Aired on March 8, 2017, he lost a test for it and now has to pay for his bravery.

The damn gave all sorts of details of life Sex From him Neighbor And today the judge has decided to pay a total of 10,000 euros to the “quiet neighbor” for committing a crime. Respect And his intervention Privacy.

Reports like this “night time activity Neighbor It made things fall off the shelf ”or expressions made by the young woman during the act Sex, The protagonists of the report.

The Salamanca Provincial Court ruled Girl, Next RTVE, Should provide compensation to the injured party with that number, the sentence states that this is not public interest information and that it should be limited to other neighboring countries only.

“Noise in a neighbor’s room in this room or especially in one of its rooms, such as the bedroom, can not be seen as a matter of public interest or public interest,” the media clarified. Not doing its job properly.

Violation of respect

The content of this statement adversely affected the plaintiff, as established in the judgment.

The court ruled that anonymous neighbors were given too many details to identify themselves.

The piece, along with the street, the building and the door, number and letter of her house, will reveal the identity Girl.

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Therefore, the judge ruled that it was a violation of their rights Respect But still Privacy.