December 7, 2022

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Dallas Cowboys defeated the Los Angeles Rams 22-10 during a NFL football game.

With Cam Akers apparently on the outside, the Rams wouldn’t rule out adding a running back

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Well, it looks as though No. 3 will be available to Odell Beckham Jr., if he re-signs with the Rams.

The team’s decision to withdraw Cam Akers For “personal reasons” this weekend, along with comments made by coach Sean McVeigh regarding the situation, creates the distinct impression that Akers’ time with the team is coming to an end.

“We’re working through a few different things right now,” McVeigh told reporters about the third year slowdown. “Like I said, I just kind of want to be able to . . . I hope you’ll understand and respect that we just want to be able to keep things internal for now.”

They want to keep things inside, because apparently they’re figuring out what to do about Akers. Ideally, they would like to trade it. If it is clear that they are advancing, then it becomes difficult to get the maximum value.

McVeigh said when asked about the need for urgency led Akers to be ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Panthers. “We have to be better, starting with being able to do the basics of techniques, being able to wear hat on hat, being able to press the line of scrimmage. Running takes all 11 really, but there are a lot of layers to it and that’s Kind of where we are with it.”

There is clearly a problem, because McVay made it clear that he didn’t have many issues like this during his time with the Rams.

“What I’ve been very fortunate with, going into Year 6, I think you realize how lucky and blessed I was where at least these things were,” McVeigh said. “But that’s what you have in common. You have to be able to handle it the best way you know how, relying on the resources and asking the right questions and being willing to listen and then learning and then you can lead and make decisions the right way. It won’t always be easy, but I will always try to do what I think is best. There are a lot of cases where you say, “I wasn’t really here, who can I count on to help provide some perspective and some context?” That’s what you’re trying to do in any of these types of situations. But I know that approaching things clearly and openly And honest, and in the best way you think, primarily based on those values, this kind of guidance has helped our daily approach and behavior. Is it perfect? ​​I won’t pretend to be, but I always try to learn from mistakes and make sure you use both the good and the bad to make sure you do What’s best for each person you’re responsible for. It’s about decision making and some of those different things.”

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Will the rams be in the market for another comeback?

“I don’t know,” McVeigh said. “I wouldn’t say absolutely no. We will always explore options if we feel there are opportunities for promotion, maybe that’s not something up front. What I’m excited to see is let’s see if we can find a way to play good football against what we know is going to be a particularly difficult opponent. Unbelievable, and seeing if we can get to 3-3, and then be able to take a step back and do a lot of things that give us a chance to really exhale, but also process who we’re going back to, how does that look as it relates to trying to have the best plan For the rest of the season we’re guaranteed. Those are the things you want to take a step at a time, and that’s where I think about now.”

McVay has been pressed a bit about the “personal reasons” that Akers aren’t available.

“I would say it’s like dealing with things internally,” McVeigh said. “I don’t know exactly . . . this is some kind of unrestricted territory and I think the most important thing, out of respect for the situation, we want to keep it internal. You guys are going to get more information later, but as it relates to everything right now, that’s how we explain it out. It will be fine.”

He will be fine. But it looks like it won’t be Ram.

Akers, 23, was a second-round pick from Florida State in 2020. A strong finish to the junior season, including 171 yards on Thursday night crushing the Patriots, has created expectations that he will have an outstanding year in 2021. RIP The Achilles tendon he suffered before training camp prevented that from happening. It’s back in the regular season and post-season.

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This year, Akers failed to live up to expectations. He had 61 rushing yards in a third-week win over the Cardinals. He has a total of 90 flowing yards in the team’s other four games combined.

Akers earned a base salary of $1.17 million this year, and $1.45 million in 2023. It’s unclear if the team is ready to trade his contract, given public questions about his performance this season.

Daryl Henderson And Malcolm Brown are the only other two players on the active list. Ronnie Rivers is in the team’s coaching staff.