May 31, 2023

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William George Davis | USA: Nurse sentenced to death for injecting patients | Texas | The world

Nurse from Texas , Sentenced to death. Authorities found that he was responsible for injecting air into the arteries of four patients.

According to investigations, the person entered the rooms unnoticed by the medical staff and disappeared at night to carry out his work.

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William George Davis, 37 years old, it affected John LaFerty, Ronald Clark, Christopher Greenway and Joseph Galina. These individuals underwent heart surgery at Christ Trinity Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler. Texas, Between 2017 and 2018, according to the chain ‘CBS’.

Nurse Davis He worked for that company for five years. In addition, he worked night shifts and used the night to get people air.

“Hospital is the perfect place for a serial killer to hide” The Smith County District Attorney said, Jacob Putnam, Quoted by the Associated Press.

The man was caught on some hospital security cameras entering the rooms. Seven people are estimated to have been killed by him; Four of them died.

For example, Christopher Greenway, 47, was out of his surgery and he had to be moved upstairs. Davis To recover with satisfaction. At 3am on August 4, 2017, another nurse realized that the patient was in crisis. He was diagnosed Brain death And died two days later, The Washington Post reported.

Nurse William George Davis will hear the final arguments in court on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. (Les Hassell / Longview News-Journal via AP).

Investigation against the nurse

In view of the cases and deaths, the hospital staff decided in February 2018 to report the matter. He was also fired.

By April of that year, Davis had been arrested and had to pay more than $ 8 million in bail, according to local media outlet The Morning Telegraph. However, the investigation began and he was caught.

At trial, the patient did not accept the charges and gave up going to the stand to testify.

Davis’ attorney, for his part, said it was his client “All four died at the hospital at the wrong place and time (…). He quoted the CBS News Network as saying.

Instead, attorney Putnam presented evidence against him, insisting that it was Davis “He has no reason to act like that. He does it because he wants to.”

The investigation also included testimony from other doctors and specialists who said they had suffered brain injuries and eventual death to victims of air injection. In fact, Dr. William Yarbro, a Dallas area pulmonologist and professor of internal medicine, commented that this was a situation he had never seen in his life.

“The death penalty is deserving and the law supports the death penalty”, The lawyer insisted.

As the judge declared Guilty And waiting for the date when it will be executed.


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