June 8, 2023


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Why Nueva Castilla Motel’s Room 174 in Debanhi Escobar Case? | New Lyon | Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | Female murder | EC stories | | The world

Father of Details of a recent search by officers at the Nueva Castilla Motel in Escobedo revealed, , Where his daughter was found in a tank. This affair has shocked everyone Incidents of female homicides and disappearances are on the rise there.

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During the diligence, experts carried out field inspections of the building, the cemetery area where the decomposed body was located, and at the request of the parents. Tepanhi checked Room 174 And its parking lot.

“For our part, my wife and I were asked to check one of their rooms, 174, where fluid was used to check if there was any blood left or any other condition,” he said. Through a video on Youtube.

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Inside the room, if there was blood or any other residue, a fluid was applied and the bed sheets were checked. Information about these studies will be available this weekend.

Mysterious video of Nua Castilla about Room 174

On April 22, after the discovery of Debanhi Escobar’s body, profilel @motelnuevacastilla Uploaded a video featuring Motel Room 174 with a different description than the others.

Some users have pointed out that this could be a message, due to aural and visual components. Other Netizens believe this clip is a for-profit comedy from tragedy, accumulating views and contacts.

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However, there is video to advertise that the company is creating new rooms on the top floor. At the end of the post, there is a shot of Room 174 standing in the doorway.

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Ramon Ayala Y sets the scene for the recording of the song “Para Fude Futeriger AT” by Los Bravos del Norde. This caused controversy as there were those who believed that the letter contained a message for the incompetent work of the officers by not finding Debenhi’s body in the first search.

The lyrics of this song say: “It is very difficult to reach yourself, it is very difficult to get there (…); They tell me when you are not here, but I do not trust them anymore, but I do not trust them anymore, they do not tell the truth..