June 8, 2023


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White Bay | Argentina: Retired soldier kills grandson | Brian Alexis Bor Verna and Domingo Fastino Verna | Description | EC stories | The world

In Bahia Blanca, , There has been a stir over the recent crime scene there. A retired soldier shot his grandson 5 times in front of the house where they lived. The mother of the deceased said her father had been subjected to violence and harassment against her son for a long time.

“My son’s relationship with my father is only to insult him and attack him with words.”Marial Verna, the mother of the slain youth, described.

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Brian Alexis Bor Verna29, died last Monday, June 13, at the hands of his grandfather Domingo Fastino Verna, 77, is a retired senior non-commissioned officer.

This fact was recorded on the security cameras of the house of the killer and his wife. According to the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nacion’, Marial Verna highlights his father’s military career. The soldier demanded behavior from his son both inside and outside the home.

Relationship with grandfather

Brian Alexis had two personality disorders that he had to treat with medication, but His maternal grandparents did not believe treatment was necessary, so they took him to interrupt the treatment process.

Marial Verna described his father as a bully who used his position as president of the Rosendo Lopez Environmental Development Association to harass Brian Alexis at work.

The young man worked for a local public space cleaning company, and on one occasion asked to change the park, but his grandfather, Domingo Verna, in the process, recommended that his grandson’s request be rejected.

“He made him quit his job in the parks area,” Marial Verna explained. Unfortunately, the woman saw the moment her father shot Brian, so she firmly believes that the act was planned by Domingo Verna.

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“He closed the gate and went to pick up the gun and then told my mom to close the door.” Said the mother of the deceased. According to ‘La Nación’, the man continued to collect a loan from the young man, but Mariel Verna was unaware that his son had asked him for money.

According to the woman, Brian’s father used security cameras to find out when he got home from work, so he immediately harassed him. Whether to insult him or to demand a loan which he deems to be outstanding.

Domingo Verna was charged with murder and remanded in custody for three days. However, due to old age, the authorities released him. Various guns were found in his home. Suspected murder weapon.32 including a caliber revolver. Authorities are investigating.