June 30, 2022


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Where to vote in the 2022 Colombian presidential election: Check your polling station | Answers

The Inside There are still a few weeks to go, and millions of Colombians will be in charge of the best candidate for the 2022-2026 period. It remains to be seen who will replace Ivan Duk by the end of May.

More than 39 million citizens are eligible to exercise their right to vote, and they must choose between seven additions to the presidency and vice presidency. These will take power on August 7 this year and must deliver it on the same day, but in 2026. Find out where you can vote this May 29th.

Place to vote – Place to vote, Colombia 2022 elections

If you still do not know where to vote in this presidential election in Colombia 2022, enter this You can find more details on its official page.

National Register of Civil Status of Colombia

How Petro is coming to the 2022 Colombia election

If he wins the election, it will be the first time a former guerrilla has led a country’s armed forces into conflict, ruled by historically conservative and liberal elites, and without continental military conspiracies.

His rise confuses the barracks. From the president to the defense minister, past the army commander, they marched against Pedro. Although the constitution prevents them from voting and debating, it is rare for armed men to openly interfere in a campaign, analysts say.

“This war was won on the battlefield, but there are those within the military who feel it is being lost politically (…) that they consider the military to be the political class that has always been the ruling one.

How do I know if I am a voting arbitrator

  • To find out if you are part of the voting arbitration panel, you can enter the following . In addition, you can consult them on the lists published by the mayoral offices of each municipality. You must do this query from Thursday, May 12, when the Registrar’s Office will release the official list of selected individuals.

What are Fazardo’s proposals

Earlier, centrist Fajardo Norde de Santander also visited the capital and promised that if elected, he would turn his eyes on the field and especially Catadampo.

Fazardo, a cycling fan, cycled 20 kilometers with about a hundred athletes from the Pinar del Rio neighborhood to the village of La Garita in the municipality of Los Patios, which is part of the CĂșcuta metropolitan area.

“Employment, peace and security, these three clear words will get Norde de Santander out of trouble,” Fajardo told a news conference, lamenting that “Cadadambo is a forgotten area, used by politics.”

Fazardo also called for the reopening of international bridges connecting Colombia with Venezuela, with countries sharing a 2,219-kilometer border, much of which is dominated by jungle and illegal armed groups.

Voter turnout polls for the May 29 election put left-wing Pedro in first place, “Figo” Guterres in second, independent populist Rodolfo Hernandez in third and Fazardo in fourth, but it will need to be second. The first two will be played on June 19.

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