August 13, 2022

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WhatsApp: Why some people in the United States use the world’s most popular messaging application | The world

Failure of Millions of people were unable to communicate with their loved ones for hours last Monday.

Some students were unable to exchange messages with their teachers. Many workers could not speak to their co-workers. And many stopped receiving orders based on their businesses.

Identity: “Many reports are meaningless”: Mark Zuckerberg’s response to allegations against Facebook

“I can say that 70% of my orders came from social networks. The other day I lost 50% of my sales due to failure,” Kafu Atsa, owner of a restaurant in Accra, the capital of Ghana, told the BBC.

Failure on Facebook sites, of which WhatsApp is a part, lasted about six hours, affecting instant messaging usage 2,000 million users in 180 countries.

However, many people in the country of birth of WhatsApp are not affected by this problem.

In the United States, it is estimated Less than 20% of smartphone users use this app Contact, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Why is it not like the rest of the world?

SMS culture

All mobile users in the United States have a contract with a telephone company. Unlike other countries, Having a prepaid plan is rare.

When cell phones became popular in the 1990s, sending and receiving SMS Text Messages (Short News Service) Expensive for Americans.

Plans include a certain number of SMS and exceeding it raises the bill.

The first text message was sent on December 3, 1992. (Getty Images).

Infrastructure expansion, 2G technology, high coverage and great competition from companies for customers, things have changed.

Telephone companies began to deliver Plans with unlimited calls and free SMS, Made the option of sending and receiving text messages very popular.

“The good old 2G cell phone really appealed to people in the United States and made it theirs,” says Scott Campbell, a telecommunications professor at the University of Michigan on the LifeWire technology blog.

On the other hand, hiring data from the Internet raised the bill.

With the inclusion of SMS in the contract, Americans have given up the habit of using it.

Texting has been popular with Nokia since the late 1990s (Getty Images).
Texting has been popular with Nokia since the late 1990s (Getty Images).

That’s why, despite the fact that the Internet on mobile today is relatively more accessible and there are WiFi connections almost everywhere, the SMS culture is firmly in the birthplace of WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger on WhatsApp

The use of other messaging applications is not uncommon in the United States, but many have established themselves in the market before WhatsApp.

A Stadias Survey on the Use of Apps for Sending Messages and Making Video Calls in 2021 Facebook Messenger This is the most popular option by Americans (87%).

Fasttime (34%), Zoom in (34%) and Snapshot (28%) are also Over WhatsApp (25%).

But when it comes to Latin, things change: almost 50% of that population uses WhatsApp, mainly because many people interact with other countries.

Americans were more affected by the decline of Facebook and Instagram than WhatsApp.  (Getty Images)
Americans were more affected by the decline of Facebook and Instagram than WhatsApp. (Getty Images)

Some researchers say that unlike people in other regions, such as Europe or Latin America, Americans don’t have much contact outside the country.

So Americans do not have the problem of sending SMS to another country (indicating extra cost) like other regions.

“One of the main reasons for its popularity in Latin America is that it was one of the first ways in the region to keep instant communications 100% free. It was able to avoid the SMS charges levied by mobile operators,” says the Digital Trends blog.

IPhone factor

The presence of the iPhone is an element that adds to the tendency for Americans to continue to use SMS.

Is the Apple phone Used by almost 50% of mobile users de EE.UU

Since the iOS system has been adapting its iMessage app to cellular companies’ SMS platform since its first versions, SMS usage has not been affected.

When users with iPhones send messages to each other, the phone uses its own platform. But if it finds that the other phone came from another manufacturer like Android, it uses the SMS network.

On an iPhone, messages between Apple devices are highlighted in blue and SMS in green.  (Getty Images)
On an iPhone, messages between Apple devices are highlighted in blue and SMS in green. (Getty Images)

However, it is a factor that computer security experts highlight Text messages are more susceptible to intrusion than encrypted conversations provided by WhatsApp.

In addition, the ability to create groups on WhatsApp is another feature that could change the SMS culture that has become so entrenched among Americans in recent decades.


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