December 8, 2021

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Now it is called Before Facebook, and is one of the news programs that many people want to keep in touch with their loved ones or people they work with. However, more You may fall prey to hackers who use various methods to access your chats.

Strangers have a variety of ways to capture your conversations And, although they are very common, It is always worth being alert before they enter our chat. Here we say.

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Keep in mind that there are very common ways to steal your WhatsApp account. (Photo: MAG)

WhatsApp Internet

Many people want to use the WhatsApp web at home or at work; However, many people log into their account system. Currently, Meta’s own application allows you to connect up to 4 devices at once, so you can chat without scanning the QR code. If you use a machine, laptop or computer at your work center, it is best to leave, otherwise anyone will see what you have written. Check with whom you exchanged documents, photos, videos, etc.

Security code

If you bought a cell phone or want to sign in as new, you need to install WhatsApp and put the security code you receive on your cell phone.. But not only you, anyone can enter your WhatsApp with your number.

If that stranger tries to contact you, send him a security code, Or six digits, you better ignore him because he may be a hacker.

Problems with you on WhatsApp? Do you want to report it? If you have any problem, you should write to their contact email: or You can make the same request from your iPhone with the exclusive service for iOS.

Now, if you want to do a general query, you can use this to fill out the form .

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