August 13, 2022

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What Sheila Rojas and her new partner think about getting married: “He doesn’t want to, he’s going to do it” Views

This Monday morning she created a direct link from Mexico with the show “Mujares Al Manto” and released more details about her new life in Mexico and her boyfriend, with whom she already has wedding plans.

“Are you still in your plans to wear white?”, They discussed the model, he replied: Yes, frankly yes, I want to get married ”. TOGreg has already talked about this with his partner And, jokingly, that said “Even if you don’t want to, you have to do it.”

“All of you,” the former host said The man he now shares in Mexican lands has already received “approval” from his mother. “We talk every Sunday (with his mother). They are behaving well and he is threatening to see us and tell us to go too, ”he said.

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Antonio Bowen’s former partner also revealed it Her boyfriend is so affectionate that instead of appearing or believing people, he is always concerned with making her feel good with all the details he has.So, she hopes to finalize her wedding plans soon.

On the other hand, Sheila reaffirmed that the decision to send her little Antocyto to live with her father in Spain was the best and that she had no regrets. Well, your son is enjoying one more life now “Quiet and personal”.

“It’s not easy, but my son is very happy. We do not regret this decision, she has a happy, personal and peaceful life, and she enjoys her father not doing it for a long time. “ Added in the case.

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