May 28, 2023

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The The United States fell in its last session in Chile after elected President Gabriel Borick presented a female cabinet with broad political diversity.

The The exchange rate is quoted at 795.70 / 796.00 The Chilean peso was down 0.74% against the dollar in the previous session, according to Reuters data.

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Meanwhile, the IPSA, the leading index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, rose 2.22% to 4,586.04 units, its highest level since the end of November last year.

The Chilean currency was below 800 units against the dollar for the first time since November, after Borick announced his next cabinet, in which Mario Marcel, the current head of the central bank, was appointed future finance minister.

Financial markets welcomed the arrival of Marcel, who has been chairman of the governing body since 2016.

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The appointment of people like Marcel is reinforcing the notion that this is an act of change, but not sudden, but slow. This makes a lot of sense in the sense that radical changes are more complexSaid Miguel Angel Lopez, a professor at the University of Chile.

In addition, there are fourteen women and ten men in the Boric cabinet. Those elected include seven center-left independents and three communists.

With Reuters information.

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