June 8, 2023


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What is the red flag that always stops you from buying a car?

What is the red flag that always stops you from buying a car?

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We’ve all been there. You are on Shopping for your next carAnd I found an impressive list, however Something seems a little small. The Craigslist ad looks great, all the pictures show a car in what appears to be perfect condition The system works, but there’s a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you just can’t shake. There error.

You scan the ad again, tab all the images, and then You see that. Red flag, the one thing that made the whole deal sound too good to be true. You close the list And we move on to the next stage, but what’s the problem? What was the red flag that pushed you away from the car?

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The red flag it always seems to me is any car problem nickname. I grew up in Connecticut, a state that doesn’t make headlines for “classic “ Auto, so I’m used to figuring out how to do that I have a new car registration Without that important piece of paper. But when browsing AE86es or S-chassis on the Facebook Marketplace, you’re likely to find a more sinister address problem: the open address.

This happens when a file Seller signs on title, but the buyer never does (most often, to avoid paying state sales tax or adding another “owner” to the history of the car they plan to flip). Instead, they sell the car to someone else who sells it to the next person, and so on. Eventually stumbled upon a clean hachiroku on Marketplace, but the address is Six Owners and Three States Old—God help you if you try to score this thing..

This is my biggest A red flag, that will always stop me from buying. But what is yours? Have you bought too many rusty New England cars to shop up north?ortheast again? aDo you suspect anything modified might not pass the smog? Leave your responses in the comments, and we’ll round up our favorites to discuss Tomorrow afternoon.

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