November 28, 2022

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What Happens to Solidarity Income Pending Drafts | It is known Answers

In From September 26 last, the charge of cycles 30 and 31 . This bonus reaches the registered account of households who have a bank account or can claim different SuperGIROS points.

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Also, it is important to remember that this exchange will continue under the system of differential payments, i.e. the bonus amount will correspond to the number of people in the family center and the type of sispan it belongs to. In this way, the government has disbursed 1.6 billion pesos to more than 3.5 million beneficiary families.

Can I lose money accumulated from solidarity income?

Although there have been some recent changes in government and the Solidarity Income Program is in place, the guidelines of the Ivan Duque administration are maintained; Therefore, no more than three spins are allowed to accumulate.

According to social prosperity, “Only up to three program fees can be accumulated. Beneficiaries who fail to make three consecutive payments will be suspended from the scheme and no payments will be scheduled for subsequent months. In short, you can collect up to three lump sum payments, but if you don’t claim them, it means you don’t need the subsidy, so you lose all the money.

Until when can I collect the money order for the month of Solidarity Income?

Payments scheduled for September can be collected up to October 11.

How much unity income can be accumulated?

Only up to three plan payments can be accumulated, i.e., beneficiaries who do not pay three times in a row will be suspended from the plan and will not receive payments in subsequent months.

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Amounts received by households according to SISBÉN IV

From July, the amounts received by households have changed depending on the level of CISPEN IV and the number of people in each household:

  • A house one person Group A He gets 400,000 pesos every two months.
  • A house one person B Group 380,000 pesos.
  • A house Group A has two people 440,000 pesos
  • A house Two from group B 396,000 pesos.
  • A house Group A has three members 480,000 pesos.
  • A house Group B has three members 412,000 pesos.
  • A house 4 or more members in group A 520,000 pesos.
  • A house 4 or more members of group B 428,000 pesos.
  • On the other hand, families Group C They will receive 380,000 pesos as a bimonthly salary.

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