August 13, 2022

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What happened to Dr. Miracle, Azelya and Selvi: Future Photos of Berhayat Hospital Nurses | Turkish soap operas | Fame

Turkish soap opera ““It’s a big TV event in many countries. It’s very popular in this part of the continent, especially in Argentina, which saw the end of the Ali Wafa story in early November 2021, and it has become one of the most watched products.

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More than 120 episodes aired on Telefe, Was able to gain millions of fans (in its original name) and now, after finishing in Argentina, is constantly trying to keep track of not only the actors who played their favorite characters, but also get more information about the Turkish success.

Surprise for followers On social networks you can find some photos related to the final episode, but it was not aired. On screen, viewers enjoyed Ali Wafa’s wedding with his beloved Nusli and the couple’s son. But what happened to the rest of the characters? In fact, some of the pictures from the last chapter show the future of some of the characters; Among them, that is Azelia And Cyprus, Berhayat Hospital Nurses starred actresses Hyal Kosioklu and Behter Tinsel respectively.

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Azelya and Selvi, nurses at Berhayat Hospital, starred as actress Hayal Kosioklu and Pierre Dinsel (Photo: MF Yapam)

What happened to Azelia and Selvi at the end of “Dr. Milagro”?

In one of the final scenes “Doctor Miracle”, Shows us that the protagonist continued his career as a physician, while at the same time, as a professor, gaining important recognitions through this profession. All of this is reflected in the swords he hung on the walls of his house.

It was something that some of the walls noticed Ali Wafa In addition to his credentials, he has pictures with special photos of the moments he lived with his friends and colleagues from Berhayat Hospital. I was able to learn from these photos what everyone’s life is like; Attracted much attention Azelia And Cyprus.

The wall of Ali Wafa's house shows pictures of Aselia and Selvi's footsteps (Photo: MF Yapım)
The wall of Ali Wafa’s house shows pictures of Aselia and Selvi’s footsteps (Photo: MF Yapım)

Both appeared in Ali’s memories, but far from the hospital and without the hospital uniform. Ms. Smoky did not wear a blue Smack, which refers to herself as the head of the nursing staff, while Azalea was white as a nurse.

On the contrary, they both have completely different lives. For example, in the case of Selvi, she is in a pink uniform, as an elementary teacher, reading a story to a group of children in the school room.

Ms. reading a story to a group of children in the school room (Photo: MF Yapım)
Ms. reading a story to a group of children in the school room (Photo: MF Yapım)

Meanwhile, Azelia appears in the photo celebrating a university degree, and then at her desk in office attire, what would be your chosen career, and why did you decide to leave the medical world?

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Azalea appears in a photo celebrating a university degree (Photo: MF Yapım)
Azalea appears in a photo celebrating a university degree (Photo: MF Yapım)

What is “Dr. Milagro” about?

Dr. Miracle”Tells the story Ali Wafa, A young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sawant Syndrome, becomes a genius in pediatric surgery.

As a child, Ali was abandoned by his father to adopt him. He grew up backward through various orphanages, but despite the difficulties he won first place in medical school and got a job in the surgery department. Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

The medical team will change their routine when the young man joins the team as a surgical assistant. Savant syndrome or sage syndrome initially makes it difficult for Ali to communicate with his peers and patients. However, Ali will gradually gain the affection and respect of everyone.

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Azalea in business attire at her desk (Photo: MF Yapım)
Azalea in business attire at her desk (Photo: MF Yapım)

How many episodes does “Dr. Milagro” have?

“Doctor Miracle” It has a total of 64 episodes and two seasons have already been released as its origin. The first installment consists of 28 episodes, which aired in Turkey on September 12, 2019 and ended on March 26, 2020.

The second season consists of 36 episodes. This episode aired due to delays in recordings due to the Govt-19 epidemic. Filming was canceled and ended in late March 2020 and resumed in July of the same year. The first episode aired on Fox Turkey on September 17, 2020 and ended on May 27, 2021.

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These are all editions of the successful Turkish novel "Dr. Miracle"
Dr. Milagro is one of the most popular Turkish novels internationally. However, the original story of the play emerged in Korea. Did you know that there are four adaptations of this series to date? Here is what they say.

Is “Doctor Milacro” on any streaming platform?

Although “Doctor Miracle” aired in Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, it can still be seen HBO Max Streaming Platform, Which is available in Latin America with a subscription fee. All the chapters are in this place.

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Who is the leading player of ‘Dr. Milacro’, Tanner Olmes?

Taner olmez is a famous Turkish singer and actor who is at the peak of his fame through “Doctor Miracle”. He was born on August 9, 1986, in Tunseli, Kurdish, Turkey. The 34-year-old actor started his acting career in 2009 when he was 23 years old. He starred in several productions, namely “Kayıp Şehir” (2012), in which he played Sadık; And “Medcezir” (2013), which brought him fame in his country, where he played the role of Mert Asım Serez. In 2015, he starred as Sultan Osman II in the series “The Magnificent Century: The Cossack”.

He also appeared in the third season of El Protector (2018), the first Turkish production for Netflix, and in 2020, he was a guest on the novel.Gadin, female force”. The Turkish actor also took part in several major promotional campaigns.

In theater, Tanner won the Afife Jale Theater Award in 2014. On the big screen, he starred in the film “Müslüm” which describes the life of Turkish singer Müslüm Gürses. The film was released in 2018 and was highly viewed in that country that year. The actor has already reached two million followers on Instagram, where he shares the latest news about his career.

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