December 9, 2022

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Warriors Training Notebook: An Early Look at the Kevon Looney-James Wiseman Center Collection

kevon looney And the James Wiseman spent the last part of the WarriorsFirst practice working together in an intense environment. Dejan Milojević – the Serbian top coach entering his second season as an assistant – Lonnie Wiseman had the two battles against each other. All instructions were tipped in Weizmann’s direction, from both the coach and his veteran teammate.

On one particular possession, Wiseman started collecting for a hook shot but left the ball exposed. Lonnie reached for his hand to the bar. Weizmann expressed some frustration. Lonnie contacted him to explain why he could spin and how to better protect against this kind of defensive attack.

It was the kind of lesson that was impossible a season ago because there was no chance for Milojevic and Looney to take Wiseman through trial-and-error drills at full speed. It was limited to knee rehabilitation and low stress single work. Finally, in his third book NBA season, he was released for his first training camp.

“It’s much easier to teach someone or even learn when you’re on the playground with someone,” Looney said.

Watching Loon for the past two years has helped James,” said Steve Kerr. “But now he’s playing against him, he’ll be able to see and feel those tricks of the Loon trade so good — screen flips, pocket ball catches, (dribbling), all that stuff.”

“We play the same position, the same attack,” Looney said. “He can help me, I can help him.