October 1, 2022


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War Ukraine – Russia | Joe Biden: “The conflict between NATO and Russia will lead to a third world war” Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zhelensky | The world

President of , Friday Pledge “Avoid“A”Direct conflict between And “, Because this amount will provoke conflict”.

View: The United Kingdom includes 386 members of the Duma who were allowed to invade Ukraine.

We are not going to wage war against Russia US President Barack Obama has called for a cease-fire in the White House.

It is noteworthy that this Friday Biden announced that he would reduce Russia’s trade status and ban the import of Russian liquor, seafood and diamonds into his country. The G7 and their allies from the European Union have joined the effort.

View: Biden, G7 and the European Union decide to exclude Russia from international trade

Russia “The use of chemical weapons can be costlyIn Ukraine, Biden warned during a speech to the White House this Friday. The president has refused to discuss with the press any information available to US intelligence on the matter.

The Americans suspect that the Russians spread.Lie“For”They blame others for what they plan to do to themselves”.

View: Russia bans exports of sugar, grain and timber to “hostile countries”

The West is concerned about the use of chemical weapons by Moscow in the aftermath of the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

For its part, Russia accuses Washington and Kiev of managing laboratories for the production of biological weapons in Ukraine, both capitals deny, and this Friday at 15:00 GMT the UN. Security Council meeting was held.

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We are going to make sure that Ukraine has weapons to defend itself from the Russian occupier.In a statement issued by Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky by several US lawmakers, Biden stressed that he regretted Washington’s refusal to acquire Polish warplanes in Kiev.

In this sense, Biden argued that the United States already provided anti-tank weapons and security systems capable of shooting down aircraft and helicopters.

Also, he pointed out again.We are not going to wage war against Russia in Ukraine”. However, he was blunt. “We already know that Putin’s war against Ukraine (Vladimir) will never succeed”.

In addition, Biden promised “Welcome Ukrainian refugees“In the United States”With open arms”, Without giving further details.

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