October 1, 2022


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War Russia – Ukraine | Wally, Canadian sniper joins Ukrainian forces to fight Russia | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | Description | EC stories | The world

The call was strong, and despite the fact that in a few weeks the son would be one year old, Wally picked up his bag and left. His name cannot be released; His wife imposed that one condition on him. Accompanied by a team of volunteers, a former Canadian Royal Regiment sniper arrived. Must fight alongside the military against Russia. Arriving in Poland today, it is estimated that this terrifying military soldier has set a record for the longest distance death, already measuring his weapon and preparing to position himself on the battlefield.

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Wally It’s a nickname found over time. A bit of a mystery to a living legend who served in the Canadian Armed Forces when northern troops marched into Afghanistan between 2009 and 2011. He officially retired, and traveled as Volunteer to fight in Iraq, Alone and with bag. There he joined the battalion Bischoffs And fought for many months on foreign soil.

When he returned, his wife believed the war was over, but deeply she always knew Wally I was just on vacation. When the Ukrainian government announced the formation of the International Brigade for Regional Security in Ukraine, He did not hesitate. “There have been several informal groups of ex-servicemen active since last week and have begun to respond to the call,” he explained. Wally In conversation with Newspaper. Canada though Advises its citizens to avoid the Eastern European part And Does not send troops directly. Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie clarified. These kinds of results are “personal choices” and that “They support any kind of assistance to Ukraine at this time.”

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Wally walked into Poland with his belongings in a small bag and entered Ukraine.  (La Press).
Wally walked into Poland with his belongings in a small bag and entered Ukraine. (La Press).

However, Canadians do not travel armed. In his bag were a gas mask, a camouflage sniper suit, binoculars and the jacket he was wearing in Afghanistan. “Of course they will give us weapons and armor. I even hope it’s easy and very realistic, like being taken to the warehouse and being told ‘go here’. There are rocket launchers, missiles … ” That made fun of. “It’s very mechanized warfare, high mobility and regular. I was told when I called They needed a sniper. It’s like an alarm firefighter, I had to go, “he admitted.

The call came as a token of gratitude to a friend who was organizing a neutral humanitarian relief operation and was accompanied by several former foreign soldiers. On social networks, these paramilitary groups coordinate an armed conflict journey and volunteer work whenever it appears. The war against the Islamic State was only counted in what 80 former Canadian players And numerous Americans, Belgians and French.

“I see pictures of destruction in Ukraine, I see my son in danger and misery. When I look at a dilapidated building, I see its owner’s pension fund smoking. I go there for humanitarian reasons. Done.


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