September 29, 2022

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War Russia – Ukraine | ‘Treasonous invasion’: Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine apologize | NMR | The world

Ukrainian forces were able to capture a group of enemy soldiers who publicly apologized for their crimes. In turn, they described the Russian president’s invasion orders, A “terrible mistake”.

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“I apologize for my team in every home, on every street, in every citizen UkraineFor occupying these lands among the elderly, women and children ”Kalkin Sergei Alekseevich, one of the 34-year-old Russian soldiers, lamented during a press conference. And taken by the British media .

Similarly, with other players detained, Alexeevich He called his commanders traitors, accusing them of sending inexperienced troops to untimely death. UkraineUsing them as cannon fodder.

“I sincerely apologize for our treacherous invasion. Shouted.

We are meat, we are killed by planes and artillery shells in peaceful cities.Said a soldier.

I would like to say to all regiments of the Russian Army: Drop your weapons. Alekseevich said before speaking to his country’s president: And Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is halting further war operations. Stop the bombing, stop sending soldiers here to kill civilians and carry out airstrikes.

Maxim ChernickA member of the Russian 16th Motorized Rifles Regiment said he felt terrified only after realizing the mistake they were making.

We need to understand that all of this needs to be addressed, and we need to improve relations somehow. ” Said.

“It’s going to take more than a year. It’s going to take decades, maybe even centuries. I do not want to be after what’s happening here.”Lament.

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After the capture of these invaders, some doubts arose as to whether Ukraine respected the Geneva Conventions, which guaranteed the safety of prisoners of war.

According to Article 13, collected , “Prisoners of war must be protected at all times, especially against violence or intimidation and insult and public interest. Retaliation against prisoners of war is prohibited..

According to the criteria

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