February 7, 2023


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War Russia Ukraine | Solitaire’s bloody battle and the mercenaries of Wagner’s group were the main reason for the victory | the world

catch SolderA mining town of 10,000 people known for its salt mines DonetskEast of Ukraine, considered “Bloody War of War”. Its significance for the Russians is that they now allow Ukrainian troops to cut off their supply lines. BuckwheatA city located 10 kilometers away, and Moscow has been trying to capture it for months.

“The Russians marched over the bodies of their own soldiers and burned everything in their path”The governor of Donetsk, Pavlo Kyrilenko, on Thursday described the brutality of the move.

Fighting is concentrated in Soledar and Bagmut in eastern Ukraine.

Although it is not known how many died in the fighting, a hundred Russian soldiers died in one day.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Kanya Maliar acknowledged the situation a few days ago Solder It was difficult: “The fiercest and fiercest fighting of the war takes place here”He declared.

however, : “Our fighters are trying valiantly to maintain our security”Maliar said today on Friday.

“The strength of this war is not the military victory, but the effect this victory could have on Russia’s ongoing civil strife and demand decisive decisions from Putin.” Investigative analyst Andrés Gómez de la Torre commented to this newspaper.

“As the war subsided, Russia was looking for victory. This area is not of great strategic size. This war does not have a strategic value, but a high symbolic value.Collaboration.

Similarly, the Institute for War Studies, a Washington-based think tank, has noted that the Kremlin has “Soledar’s Importance Exaggerated” Well, not about that “Operationally significant progress and unlikely to announce immediate Russian encirclement on Pakmut.”

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Ukrainian soldiers walk on the front line near Solidar in the Donetsk region.  (AP Photo/Lipkos)

Ukrainian soldiers walk on the front line near Solidar in the Donetsk region. (AP Photo/Lipkos)

/ Lipcos

The role of the Wagner group

The importance of this battle focuses on one important detail: Mainly fought by mercenaries of the Wagner paramilitary group, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman close to the Kremlin. The presence of mercenaries in war is not new, but in the face of repeated Russian military defeats, the fact that Wagner’s group captured Soleter only strengthens them.

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“This is an extraordinary war but not surprising in the context of this war. On the Russian side there is a three-pronged mix: the Russian army, which is a conventional force; the so-called Donbas separatist forces; and a third actor, the Wagner group, which represents mercenary warfare and the privatization of security.Adds de la Torre.

Evgeny Progozhin, founder of Wagner Group, recruits prisoners to fight in Ukraine.  (Video recording).

Evgeny Progozhin, founder of Wagner Group, recruits prisoners to fight in Ukraine. (Video recording).

Prigozhin, a highly influential figure in the Kremlin, has toured Russian prisons in recent months to recruit inmates, promising higher salaries and amnesty after a period of fighting.

Military analyst Anatoly Kramzygin told AFP that Wagner’s role in Ukraine is important because the group has “a certain number of key advantages” over the regular Russian army: “better training and at the same time less formalities and less bureaucracy.” .

Gómez de la Torre also explains that a competitive situation has been set up in Russia between the conventional armed forces and the outsourcing of security. “It is an internal competition between the shares of power and strategic concepts between the conventional forces and the privatization of security promoted by big Russian business behind the state.”He points.

The analyst adds that the use of mercenaries working on the Ukrainian side also leads to an increase in war crimes and human rights violations.