September 29, 2022

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War Russia Ukraine | Nuclear hazard emerges: What is the “existential” threat to Russia that could trigger a nuclear war? | The world

The threat of war The size of the atom is already in the table. On Tuesday, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said It will use nuclear weapons in the face of “an existential threat” and is at risk with it, especially if it has a force of more than 6,000 warships in its arsenal.

“We have an internal security theory, it’s in general. You can read in it all the reasons for using nuclear weapons.”He said in an interview with CNN reporter Christian Amanpur. “If this is an existential threat to our country, we can use it in our theory.”He announced.

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The United States called these comments “dangerous.” “This is not how responsible nuclear power works”Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby responded.

How is the “threat to existence” interpreted for Russia?

“The Russian government is considering two existential threat scenarios that traditionally justify the use of nuclear weapons. The first scenario is a nuclear attack on its territory, and the second is the deployment of foreign troops in Russia.”Nicolas Urrudia, co-director of Control Risk, a global risk advisory firm, told El Comorcio.

“In the absence of the existential threat as described, nuclear expansion is not possible.” Collaboration.

However, the risk cannot be completely ruled out. Prior to the war, Russia used its forces to station more than 170,000 troops on the border. Although they always say they are “planned military exercises”, no one believes that argument, and finally, the invasion came into effect at the end of February.

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The Kremlin’s claim is based on the possibility of Ukraine’s access to NATO – President Zhelensky himself has ruled out – the expansion of NATO’s east and especially its influential countries, the shipment of Western weapons to Ukraine and the former Soviet republic as a neutral country. According to Putin, the Ukrainians’ view of Europe more than Moscow was a disgrace and threatened their status as a “blocking country” before the EU.

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In London, protesters marched against the Ukraine war and Russia's military intervention.  (Photo by Ben Stansol / AFP)
In London, protesters marched against the Ukraine war and Russia’s military intervention. (Photo by Ben Stansol / AFP)

The thing is, Putin thought that military intervention would take a few days, but almost a month later he could not overthrow the Ukrainian government or prevent his country’s forces from continuing to oppose Zhelensky.

“Putin is not going to leave Ukraine, but he is going to have some sort of victory because his life in Russia is in danger and selfish people like him cannot accept defeats.”Norberto Barreto, a historian who specializes in American politics, told El Comercio.

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Warships on the table

“If the Russian government uses nuclear weapons, the reaction of NATO countries will certainly involve direct involvement in hostilities.”Urutia thinks. With this, we can already talk about a war at a higher rate.

The figures are not small. According to the latest data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia currently has 1,625 nuclear weaponsThis would add up to a further 2,870 to be stored and 1,760 to add to the strategic character, for a total of 6,255 nuclear weapons.

When, The United States has 1,800 nuclear weapons. SIPRI brings in a total of 5,550, according to the data.

As CNN has pointed out, Putin has previously pointed out the use of nuclear weapons against countries he sees as a threat to Russia. Thus, in February, the Russian president said: “Whoever tries to stand in our way or pose a threat to our country and our people must know that Russia will retaliate immediately and its consequences will be unprecedented in history.”

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