May 28, 2023

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The At the request of the Security Council convened an emergency meeting this Friday To examine the effects of the attack by To the largest nuclear power plant in , . As confirmed by diplomatic circles, the emergency meeting was held from 11:30 a.m. (4:30 p.m. GMT).

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Session – More requested Assembled at the request of the Prime Ministers of France, Norway, Ireland and Albania. The diplomats told the AFP. President of the United States He advised Russia a while ago. “To stop military operations in the area”Of the nuclear power plant.

UN We have called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. This is a threat to European security and stability. And those responsible must be held accountableForeign Minister Liz Truss said.

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In the wake of the Russian offensive, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called on Putin to resignPlay with fire (…) out of all logic or need”.

This is incredibly dangerous. This is dangerous not only for Ukraine and the Russians, but also for Europe“, He added.

This is a meeting of the Security Council

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Russian troops occupied the largest nuclear power plants in Ukraine and Europe this Friday, which, after an attack, caused a fire with no effect on radiation levels, but it paralyzed the world in fear of a new nuclear catastrophe.

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Located in the south of Ukraine, Zaphorizia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and, according to Ukrainians, attacked by Russian artillery. Facilities attached to the plant were affected by the fire, further increasing the concern of Westerners facing Russian aggression in Ukraine.

On Friday, Russian armed forces seized control of the nuclear plant. Its Ukrainian operator later noted that the fire, which affected a room intended for a laboratory and training, had been extinguished and no radiation was recorded.

Attacking a nuclear power plant is illegal and irresponsible

Attacks on a nuclear power plant similar to those carried out by Russian forces against a Ukrainian plant ZaphoriziaContrary to international norms and a major irresponsibility, this Friday was condemned by the UN Head of Political Affairs, Rosemary Dicarlo.

Military operations around nuclear facilities and other civilian infrastructure are not only unacceptable but also highly irresponsible.“Dicarlo hastily met with the United Nations Security Council to discuss Russia’s invasion of Jaborzia in southeastern Ukraine.

The UN official stressed that the attacks on nuclear power plants violated international humanitarian law. He also urged the parties to work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to guarantee the safety of the plant and allow its employees to travel to Ukraine to work. Controllers.

Ukraine is well aware of the catastrophe that could result from a major nuclear accident. The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is a lasting example of why it is essential to ensure that all nuclear facilities meet the highest safety standards.Dicarlo noted.

Every effort should be made to avoid a catastrophic nuclear event.Zaporizhia commended the Ukrainian staff for ensuring the safe operation of the plant in the midst of this crisis, the diplomat stressed.

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“Irresponsible” Russian attack on a nuclear plant in Ukraine endangers the whole of Europe

US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas GreenfieldThis was condemned at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this Friday.Incredibly irresponsible“Attack on the Ukrainian nuclear plant Zaphorizia Last morning the whole of Europe was in danger.

Russia’s attack on Europe’s largest nuclear plant “Incredibly irresponsible and dangerous and threatened the safety of citizens in Russia, Ukraine and EuropeSaid the U.S. ambassador recalling the nuclear power plants.Should not become part of this conflict”.

Thanks to the world justifiably preventing a nuclear disaster last night”, The ambassador shouted.

You need to be coolHe said this after asking Russia to stop using any force that could endanger 15 operational reactors in Ukraine or prevent local authorities from guaranteeing the safety of its 37 plants and neighbors.

He called on Russia to provide medical treatment to injured workers, ensure operators have full access to the plant, communicate with nuclear controllers, and withdraw troops from the plant to assess the damage caused by the bombing.

He said the United States was very concerned about the Russian military controlling the plant Chernobyl They have not allowed a team relief since last week.

This leads to very irresponsible behavior and deep concern about the continuity of activities on both sides.“, He said.

According to the UN Atomic Energy Agency, the attack on the complex did not cause radioactive emissions, but a building caught fire as a result of the attacks.

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Russia has denied allegations that Russia attacked a nuclear plant in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasily NebensiaStamped “LieRussia has attacked the nuclear plant Zaphorizia In Ukraine, an emergency meeting of the Security Council to review the situation.

Russia has been blamed for the attack “It simply came to our notice then And unprecedented misinformation against Russia“Ambassador accused of creating Ukrainian authorities,” he said.Planned hysteria”.

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebensia, UN  During his speech to the Security Council.  (Photo: YouTube / UN)
Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebensia, UN During his speech to the Security Council. (Photo: YouTube / UN)

As is well known, the attack on Saporizia paralyzed the world in fear of a new nuclear catastrophe.

All plant facilities are under the control of Russian forces, safety is guaranteed and it operates normally.Russia has been controlling the facilities since February 28, the ambassador said.

As a result of negotiations with the plant authorities, we reached an agreement to go under the control of Russian forces.“Sure”Prevent their use by Ukrainian nationalists and other terrorist groups“Use it”Nuclear power allowed to create provocations or accidents and provide energy to the Ukrainian and European peoples”.

The situation is similar to the central region ChernobylHe accused Ukrainian forces of firing on the Russian army and setting fire to a training center near the plant.

China recommends “Cool Head”

China has called on the international community to abstain from voting in last Friday’s Security Council resolution and Wednesday’s General Assembly vote.Keep a cool head and rationalChinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said.

Do not put too much oil on the fireAccording to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he said the dialogue was a privilege to end the conflict, which has already displaced more than 1.2 million refugees and millions of internally displaced persons in neighboring countries.

“We survived a night that was the end of Ukraine and Europe”

For his part, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, Sergiy KyslytsyaPromised that We have survived a night that could bring an end to the history of Ukraine and EuropeRepeating the words of its leader After Russian shelling promised to hit the Saporizia nuclear power plant about 150 kilometers north of the Crimean peninsula.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Sergei Kislitskaya.  (Photo: YouTube capture)
Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Sergei Kislitskaya. (Photo: YouTube capture)

Ukraine has reiterated in front of the highest-level UN forum for peacekeeping and security that Ukrainian airspace should be closed to Russian planes or that they should hand over the planes to Ukraine.

But the This Friday it promised that its planes would not interfere in Ukraine, closing the door to creating a no-fly zone.

“If we do that, we hope it will turn into a full-fledged war in Europe, one that will drown many countries and cause more human suffering,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

With information from EFE and AFP.

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