January 27, 2023


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War Russia – Ukraine | சர்மத் | Russia successfully tests new intercontinental ballistic missile Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | The world

The Russian military announced on Wednesday that it had successfully conducted the first test of the new-generation, long-range long-range surface-to-air missile Sarmad, according to the president. Beware of enemies of your country.

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About “A unique weapon that will strengthen the military capabilities of our armed forces, ensure Russia’s protection from external threats, and make those who threaten our country think twice with uncontrolled and aggressive rhetoric.”Putin made the announcement after a televised announcement about the ballistic test.

I’m going to underline that in the creation of Sharmath Only locally made assemblies, components and parts were used, ”he added.

According to Putin, the Missile Ballistic Between continents The heavy fifth generation Sarmad is capable of “defeating all modern anti-aircraft systems”.

In a video, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov was launched from the Plechetsk center in the Arkhangelsk region (northwest) at 3:12 pm (12:12 GMT).

According to this source, The Missile The target was reached in another military area, Kura, on the Russian peninsula Kamchatka, more than 5,000 kilometers east.

“Once the test program is completed, Sarmat will become part of the Russian strategic forces,” Konashenkov added.

“Strategic” forces, in their broadest sense, are designed to intervene in the event of a nuclear war, among other things.

This weapon is part of a series of missiles that Vladimir Putin declared “invincible” in 2018. Among them are the Kinzel and Avoncord hypersonic missiles.

In March, Moscow said it had used Kinzal for the first time against targets in Ukraine.

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Weighing in at more than 200 tons, the Sarmat theoretically achieves better results with a range of 11,000 km than its predecessor, the Vovoda missile.

In 2019, Putin Sarmat said it was “almost limitless” and “capable of engaging targets across the North and South Poles”.