December 8, 2021

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Vox weaves anti-communist coalition international in Latin America

Extremists (Catholics and evangelicals), neocons and radical liberals, right-wing people and nostalgia for military dictatorship form the anti-communist coalition. Spanish Party Vox Weaving in Latin America. Eduardo Bolzano, Son of the President of Brazil and political heir; Keiko Fujimori, Former presidential candidate in Peru; Or Jose Antonio Cast, The leader of the Republican Party of Chile, who opposed the repeal of Pinochet’s constitution, is one of the most important figures in this multilateral coalition, and he rejects dictatorial and democratic left – wing governments.

Vox’s Spear, also known as the Madrid Charter, is a statement that claims to be a “progress of communism” in the Ibero-sphere (ultra-party name, always renamed Ebero-America with a focus on marketing), part of which is already “supported by drug trafficking under the umbrella of the Cuban regime. Abducted by communist-inspired regimes. ” Abbaskal has announced its intention to provide the letter, which has collected more than 8,000 signatures, with a “permanent structure and annual action plan”; In other words, it will change from a mere flagship to a new international organization: the Madrid Forum.

Its aim is to become an alternative to the two bases of the Latin American left, the S பாo Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group: first uniting political and social forces, from the Brazilian Workers’ Party to the Cuban Communist Party; Second, to a few politicians with a social democratic profile Alberto Fernandez, Lula da Silva, Evo Morales, Rafael Korea, Bebe Mujica Oh Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Instead of establishing a coalition of parties, Abbaskel adds personalities on a personal basis, and this allowed surprising signatures such as that of former Colombian President Andrs Pastrana, who attended by a record on the 10th. Viva 21, a party hosted by Vox at the Madrid Trade Fair, And last June he intervened at a telematic summit of the ECR, a panel of the European Parliament, in which Vokes sits with the Hungarians of extreme conservative Polish law and justice and Victor Orban. As the current Colombian politician of the International Center for Democracy (ITC) with Pablo Casado as vice president, Pastrana’s attitude towards Vox has caused surprise and uneasiness in the PP. At the former PB conference, Bastrana also attended with former Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

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Pablo Casado (e), the leader of the famous party, with former Mexican presidents Felipe Calderon and Andres Pastrana of Colombia, in Cartagena during the BJP National Conference. Martial Gillan (EFE)

As flying ambassadors to Latin America, Vox uses MEP Hermann Dertsch and Portuguese MP Vector González Coello. Former M.E.P. In addition, the radical conservative group ECR has set up its own Eurolat, of which Tertch is president. For his part, Coelho de Portugal, affiliated with Catholic fundamentalist groups, was Vokes’ spokesman for the Foreign Commission of Congress.

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In recent months, two parliamentarians have attended the inauguration as guests of Ecuador’s new president, conservative Guillermo Lasso; Former President Alvaro Eurip in Colombia and Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of a former Peruvian president in Lima, have been sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder, kidnapping and corruption. His first assignment in the United States took place in January 2020, when in La Paz they met with ministers of the then caretaker President Jenny Cheese, who gathered evidence that he could be charged illegally after a dark operation that ended with his resignation. Funding for Podemos, then going to enter the Spanish government.

Other tool used Vox Tisenso, led by Abascal, is set to land in Latin America. Although the Vox Party campaigned against the public funding of charities, it set out on its own to benefit from the subsidies they receive based on the votes and seats they received. As chairman of the foundation, George Martin Froyes, former head of training at FAES (PP Foundation) and adviser to the Madrid City Council with Ana Botella, provides technical support for Abbaskel’s American adventure.

Vox landing in the area There was a severe recession in Mexico in early September. Abbaskal went to the Mexican Senate called for action against abortion, where he used the opportunity to present the Madrid Charter. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two dozen senators (half of his parliamentary committee) and three PAN representatives, including two PRI MPs, Lopez Obrador. The news caused a political upheaval in Mexico: two PRI MPs, Lorna Beyonc மற்றும் and Manuel Ahorve, denied Vokes, while Bonn withdrew from the initiative, recalling that its partner in Spain was PP. Two of the senators who signed the letter said they had “made a mistake” and apologized. The Mexican media aired a tweet from Abascal on August 13, which coincided with the 500th anniversary of the destruction of the Denochidlon. The Terrorist Rule of the Aztecs. “

The Mexican was not one of the American leaders marching on the Viva 21 screen. They are, with the exception of Bastrana, Keiko Fujimori and Cast, Eduardo Bolzano and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Abbaskal agreed at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland in February 2020, which was closed by then-President Trump. Cruz is a representative of the most conservative faction of the Republican Party, With anti-abortion speech, against immigration and in favor of the death penalty, he was isolated after meeting with a Spanish politician who tested positive for the corona virus. Eduardo Bolzano was responsible for the family’s foreign relations and became one of Vox’s best allies in macho homophobic ideas.

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