October 1, 2022


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Volodymyr Zelensky plays the role of his life

Volodymyr Zelensky plays the role of his life

For decades, Mr. Putin has also played a figure in the media, a character who embodies very different ideas of power and authority. Maybe they didn’t have Charles Atlas ads In the Soviet Union Mr. Putin grew up in, but his brand of masculinity could have sprung directly from it.

He was photographed riding a topless horse. (By contrast, the “valet” credits have Holoborodko riding a bike to work, a clothespin clipped to the leg of his pants.)again shirtless). televised hockey fairs With government officials, he shoots goal after goal at a rival team putting up a poor defense.

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All this double-headed costume and exaggerated kissing not only affected his domestic fans but also American conservativesEspecially during the Obama era. In 2014, historian Victor Davis Hanson, Writing in the National ReviewCompared to “the bare-chested Putin,” who “runs on horses, stands with his tigers and shoots his rifles” with the “abandoned golf operations” and “rotten postures” of the US president.

The pandemic, however, isolated and change Mr. Putin, changed his image with it. Filmed alone in conference rooms. we saw it Bullying and bullying His followers Almnkchun in a televised meeting. He is said to be afraid of Covid, held meetings at one end very long table It seemed to defy the laws of physics.

Perhaps this was also an image of power, but it is a different image. He said that a strong leader is untouchable, inviolable and distant.

In the end, of course, Putin made himself an outcast not by his images but by his actions. However, designing himself as a Bond villain didn’t help. It’s a competition that Russia seems to know it is losing. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. complained That his country was facing the “Hollywood” novel about “absolute evil and absolute good.”