May 28, 2023

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Viral | Young Latina shows off her Canadian lifestyle as a food delivery person | TikTok | Trends | Nnda nnrt | செக்கா

A young woman from Mexico has gone viral by posting her experience of living in Canada on social media. According to the young woman, it was identified Like Rod Bells, she has a college degree but wants to work as a food delivery woman in a North American country.

The user in question has university courses that recognize him as a graduate in chemistry, bacteriology and parasitology; Master in Microbiological Biotechnology. So, when he went to Canada, he was very surprised to find it Uber was able to earn more income by working as an employee on a motorcycle.

He prides himself on having a lifestyle that is no less than the luxuries of owning a car of the year.

The highest-earning college-graduated Mexican user as a food distributor in Canada

On the other hand, the young woman commented thus In addition to a better quality of life, there are cultural exchanges, better job opportunities and higher income opportunities.

It also showed that its history in Canada was not limited to success. In that country she met others from Mexico who, like her, left their country despite being highly educated.

Various reactions on TikTok

Reactions to his bizarre case did not wait. He was greeted by a section of Internet users for daring to leave his home to pursue better opportunities in another country.: “I support you sister”, “Yes I am in Ireland”, “I am a housemaid in Norway, they pay me well”, “I agree with you”, some of the answers can be found in their videos. .

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However, Some criticized her as “compliant” and “a bad example”.: “Then why did you waste time and money studying?”, “You really do not like what you read”, “How compatible it is to humble yourself in that job” they wrote.