October 18, 2021


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Viral Video | The woman in labor was shown playing her Xbox in her hospital room viral

When a woman is hours away from the sweet wait, it is always said that her life moment is an important piece to give her peace of mind and strength at the most important moment of her life. At this point, the woman posted a viral video showing how the prospective parents spent time in the hospital room with her Xobx video game console. It happened , Which has generated great discussion among users.

In the video, released by TicTac account , Mom begins by explaining: “So I can go into labor today, my boyfriend is doing this”. Then, he turned on the camera and showed his partner playing with the device, which was attached to the small screen in the room.

“Dear, why did you bring your Xbox?”She asks her boyfriend. “A game, I promise, one”He responds without losing sight of the monitor. “You’re going to miss the birth of your baby because of that Xbox”, Says the young woman in the description of the viral clip.

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The couple’s video has been viewed more than 7 million times, and thousands of people have responded to the images by saying that the father’s behavior is “disrespectful” and “desirable”.

“I’m so embarrassed when the doctors come”Said a Netizen.

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Others, however, defended the act, saying they also played video games while waiting for their baby to arrive.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me! I told my husband to bring a Nintendo switch so he could play when Mario Kart goes into labor. “Written by a user.

The couple’s tic-tac-toe account usually publishes videos of the two of them playing chat, in addition to having day-to-day fun with the kids.

What is a viral video?

A This is a post on social networks and on the internet in general. They are short films, which can be recorded professionally and from your own home and can be shared by thousands or millions of users in a matter of seconds and reproduced in large quantities.

The Often, they tend to show people’s lives in a more honest way, which makes the user who sees the clip feel sorry for them at the time and encourages them to share it with all the friends on the walls of their social networks.

We have According to the website, the so-called ‘Win to Win’ animals always appear on stage So, it is not surprising that these posts appear all the time on the internet.

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