January 18, 2022


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A 24-year-old man from Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) could not find a job, so he had no better idea than to spend over $ 550 to rent an advertising space where he could place his CV, but no one did. Contract. This Became immediately On sites like .

Chris Harkin It was revealed he sent it around 300 job applications a week, But without any success, except to mention it Has been looking for work since 2019, Year of graduation.

In desperation for the time he was out of work, his sister, who was dedicated to managing social networks, gave him an idea: Rent a billboard to offer your services.

After paying the rent, he entered the data of his CV and placed it in the middle of the street. Other than that, he used his Canal de YouTube, ‘Pop Cultural Shock’ Must be advertised at least three times.

The boy explains: After looking for work for almost two years, I began to feel understandably frustrated, decided that I could make a video for my YouTube channel and create a larger version of my CV, and make a report about the current job market difficulties. “.

Similarly, the young man admitted that it was not difficult to rent advertising space and he wandered the internet for a while until he found a company that could rent them. Paid for two weeks, though later realized it was not worth it.

Boy do I rent a billboard for two weeks.  (Photo: Capture / YouTube)
Boy do I rent a billboard for two weeks. (Photo: Capture / YouTube)

“Many people wrote to my channel, they said they saw it, and they commented further on it in the video I posted (…) but, so far, no one has offered me a job.”.

After this bitter experience that already lasts 2 yearsChris says he doesn’t have a college degree “Help me find a job”. However, despite these words, many YouTube users criticized the young man for not including his phone number in the ad to be contacted.

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