May 19, 2022

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Viral Video | Shock! Two-storey house lamp post used as a column to cause outrage on social media | Twitter | YouTube | Trends | Dominican Republic | Nnda nnrt | Social Websites

A video went inside And the rest of Latin America has filmed extraordinary and dangerous work, showing that some, with little respect and concern for their own lives, use a light pole as a column to support the improved construction of their home. Two sites. Scenes were made Inside What Y .

A dangerous column

At this time, the exact location of this event is not known, but, for example, Noticias SIN was able to find out that they not only used this pole, but also left the transformer cables. Construction roof.

As is well known, people did the latter to avoid being directly affected by the high voltage of these materials, which is usually very dangerous.

Illegal use of light poles and sidewalks

Two women recorded this video and were shocked and shocked not knowing how to behave when they saw it: “Fathers, this is unbelievable. This column is supported by a light pole. God! How did they improve?, They ask.

In fact, the film is like that Surreal The transformer is still on the light pole, but it is clear that it is on top Construction. But, not only that, many users have mentioned that the family in question had to take a portion of the sidewalk from the street to use this material, which may be reprimanded and allowed by the authorities.

They lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Public Works

Other ideas have highlighted it, on any face Weather Interruption, Can cause an electric shock, which can affect users who depend on this point of light, but it will not Danger to the lives of the occupants of that apartment.

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In fact, users Twitter, Angry, and labeled two comments condemning this fact Ministry of Public Works of the Dominican Republic, A company that has not yet revealed itself.