May 28, 2023

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Viral Video | Millionaire sues father over school for cutting teacher’s daughter’s hair without her consent | Stories

This interest It took place in Mount Pleasant, Michigan () There Journey’s father, a 7 – year – old girl, sued the librarian and teaching assistant at the elementary school for $ 1 million. The reason? Cut the girl’s hair at any time without the advice of a lawyer. After knowing this fact, it did not take long to be In .

Last Tuesday, September 14, by the father of the family Grand Rapids Federal Court Against the public schools of the aforementioned community, claiming that the constitutional rights of a woman have been violated “Ethnic group”, Advocating racial discrimination, racial intimidation, intentional emotional distress and aggression.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer, Juni’s father, Told the Associated Press, the minor came home from work Ganiard opener A good part of her hair was cut, and one of her classmates cut it with scissors on the school bus.

Journey suffered after two haircuts. (Photo: Jimmy Hoffmeyer)

Two days after the incident, the girl complained to school officials about the incident, but a new cut occurred according to the block. When he returned home Journey He revealed that the teacher was responsible for it.

The girl’s father assured that the girl and the teacher who cut the girl’s hair were white.

Made as needed Jimmy Hoffmeyer The following is confirmed in one of its columns: (District) Failure to adequately train, supervise, direct, discipline and supervise its staff, and to know or know whether employees are engaged in reported behavior due to improper training, practices, procedures and lack of discipline. It’s up to the staff. “.

Journey's father is Jimmy Hoffmeyer.  (Photo: Jimmy Hoffmeyer)
Journey’s father is Jimmy Hoffmeyer. (Photo: Jimmy Hoffmeyer)

Last July, the Mount Pleasant Public Schools Board of Education They promised to reprimand the employee responsible for cutting the minor’s hair, but an independent investigation was conducted. “Good Thoughts” The teacher who cut the woman’s hair, but what It was without parental consentUnbeknownst to administrators (school district), this indicates a violation of school policy.

The Junta He also revealed that Two more employees were aware of these events, but did not report it in a timely manner. The workers apologized.

They also said that after interviewing school staff, students and relatives, the independent investigation found no racial discrimination. However, Jimmy Hoffmeyer The aforementioned board did not interview or confirm him Journey.

Journey is currently studying at a different school.  (Photo: Jimmy Hoffmeyer)
Journey is currently studying at a different school. (Photo: Jimmy Hoffmeyer)

After learning that the minor had been transferred to another school, The Amy Bond, Chair of the Board of Education of Mount Pleasant Public Schools, Assured that no complaints had been received by his district regarding this case.

“We hope that the facts will prevail with the appropriate response of our district to this incident and the findings of the third party investigation conducted.”.

“We will defend ourselves in court against these unsubstantiated allegations and will not allow this to distract us from the goal of providing every child with a world-class education ready for college and career.”, Revealed Deed That is a statement.

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