December 8, 2021

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A young man from Chiapas, , Was detained by police after promising to overdrive his bicycle and drive too fast. With this in mind, the victims decided to record video to expose the troops and their actions I know In .

This incident took place in Tuxtla Gutierrez Street In the last week. “You’re going too fast”, Hears one of the policemen who came on their motorcycle. To this, the subject responds: “Imagine, how fast I’m going, what nonsense”.

When giving this, Various social media users commented jokingly They said bicycles do not have speedometers or signs indicating the maximum speed cyclists have to drive.

However, despite the young prisoner’s comments and annoyance, Chiapas There is traffic regulation, which has rules Cyclists must apply when traveling on public roads.

In that sense, the Article 55 For example, the rule states that they cannot travel in the opposite direction, drive without a helmet or be subject to a rule. “Motor vehicle” In full motion.

On the other hand, the Article 58 It adds: “All motorists, cyclists and motorcyclists traveling on roads near educational institutions, museums, sports centers, parks, hospitals and public buildings are forced to slow down.”.

What is the average speed of a bicycle?

How fast is the bike while riding? This table is made by page The most common variables and the average speed on a road bike in terms of how the performance of a professional cyclist is compared to the average in Mexico.

The average cyclist Professional cyclist
Average speed on flat terrain At 29 km At 42 km / h
Average velocity upwards at a slope of 5% At 15 km At 24 km
Average velocity upwards at a slope of 8% At 11 km At 19 km / h
Speed ​​on landing At 75-83 km At 111-130 km
Average standard wattage per hour (FTP) 200 watts 415 watts
5 second sprint At 53 km – 700 watts 65 km / h-1250 watts
Average time for a large fund (160 km) 5.5 hours Less than 4 hours.
Urban exchange (with data from the Institute for Transport and Development Policy – ITDP) 16.4 km / h, +/- At 10 km, high speed The average car in Mexico City. N / a. They are not interested in going fast into town.

Why go cycling?

According to , Citing World Health Organization (WHO) data, providing a secure infrastructure for physical activity, such as switching or cycling, is the way to achieve greater health equality. For poorer urban areas, those who cannot afford their own vehicles, walking, cycling or using public transport will become their means of transportation. At the same time, engaging in any type of physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, diabetes and death.

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