May 28, 2023

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Viral Video | “I’m not your partner, I’m your partner”: The non-binary teenager cried tears when asked to respect his identity | Trends | Social Networks | Virtual Class | Mexico | nnda nnrt | Viral

By During the virtual class a video was released expressing her frustration with the non-binary young woman asking her to respect her identity. “I am not your partner, I am your partner”The woman said with tears in her eyes that the video did not take long .

Apparently, one of the people there, Max Carvajal, called the young woman Andra Eskimilla a “comrade.” This angered the woman, who demanded that they treat her with respect. “Sorry, sorry, mate”After apologizing, the young man said he continued his participation.

In the post, Eskimilla finds the pronouns “Elle / he” in parentheses, next to her name in the zoom, thus indicating how she wanted to be called. Nevertheless, the clip caused controversy on social media, not only because of the young woman’s reaction, but also because of the use of cover language.

Through his TicTac account, user Luis Hernandez, a student in the class, explained that the discussion started in the middle of a presentation on suicide. But when referring to “gender”, the young woman pointed out through the chat that gender is not the same as gender.

Students moved away from the topic and began discussing gender identity and discussion, and then went on to social networks for and against.

Andra Eskimilla responds after controversy caused by viral video

After the pictures became a trend, Andra used her dictoc account to give details of what happened. In addition, she asked him to stop attacking her and the student she called her “partner.”

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“I got a lot of annoying comments and pretty ugly things. I don’t care what they say about me or what they think, but small people in the Lgbtq + community, suffer., He insisted. “Harassment and cyberbullying are serious killings”.

She explained that she did not interrupt her class, that it was about “intelligence logic networks” and that this was not the first time she had been asked to stop calling her “comrade”. “In college and thirteen months ago and in high school I was always referred to as ‘she’, but my nickname was ‘Elle’. If it bothered them, so was ‘he’. And it’s so easy: it zooms in on my name and in my background.”Added.

In another video, he talked about the problems facing non-binary people and the trans community: “Until the snowball crushes you, the events that start with the smallest one increase and increase again and again.”.

In this regard, he usually told his teachers to identify the nicknames “Elle” and he “and do” gender office “, but regretted that” they do not always comply with the request. “It’s very sad.” Many students do not do it because they do not respect the request. “Many times teachers do nothing, I try to make them respect my pronouns.”, Mint.

On the other hand, he said that the memes that arose after the incident did not bother him and that he planned to create a video that would react to all of them.

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