May 31, 2023

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Viral Video | Iguana bite in the middle of a yoga teacher class has become a trend viral | Stories | Bahamas | USA | USA | USA nnda nnrt | Viral

An iguana is frightened after being bitten by a yoga teacher in the middle of a session in the clear sea of ​​the Bahamas. The pictures made a huge impact And soon became .

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A yoga teacher chose it as the setting Crystal Session The sea is almost joined by white sand. Since the practice of this theory aims to find peace of mind and body, his intention is to fill a clear, positive day.

The teacher began the session by taking a still camera shot in the sand Women’s practices, Used the exercises quietly with great dexterity, but with sufficient concentration. Obviously nothing can go wrong with the background of beautiful Bahamian water, but it is not like that.

Suddenly, the camera catches a picture Large iguana She approached the teacher and, without apparent fear, did not hesitate to bite one of her fingers precisely, not even noticing the presence of the reptile.

The woman’s reaction was frightening, Cried in pain Also, on some platforms, you may hear: “Oh, he bit my finger.”.

After this, the The iguana came out, But the other of these animals can be observed with more attention, more closely, and then more. This time, the yoga teacher picked up the sand he had thrown Frighten other reptiles.

But, in another video, the woman jokes about what happened Some jokes With the people who were recording it.

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Not sure why Iguana reaction, Animals that do not stand alone in violence against humans, so many Twitter users believe that one of the suggestions made by that woman was to scare or deceive the reptile, which made him act that way.

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