May 28, 2023

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Viral Video | American woman receives love letter from soldier she fell in love with after 60 years | TikTok | Stories | Nnda nni | Off site

At 28, Chelsea Brown has a big task: to buy and trace old items, letters or portraits in New York, USA. Until their descendants find out who owns these objects, they will end up returning the monuments to their family. Now he was able to give a little to an old woman A soldier she fell in love with 60 years ago had written her a letter that they never reached her hand.

Love letters from a soldier

Although Chelsea usually only pick things up over 100 years old, he made an exception for these love letters. “I saw them and immediately knew they were something special.”Chelsea told local media. The letters were written by a soldier named Bobby, who told his girlfriend that he was thinking of her and that he loved her very much, as well as informing her about his life in battle.

The love letters were sent to a woman named Cookie, who thanked her father, a hereditary expert, for her help. Chelsea were able to find out, By contacting one of their relatives.

This is the first time a teenager can Return an item directly to someone who is still alive, The age of articles usually means that things will come down to the offspring.

“I started to cry”

Cookie lives in Pennsylvania, and the young investigator was able to verify by video call that she began to cry when she received the letters.Cookie is a flight attendant In New York at the time. He started to cry thinking of this person., Chelsea explained.

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Who is Chelsea Brown?

Chelsea Brown, a 28-year-old New York woman, recreates old objects, portraits or documents from the flea market and Find their owners Or their descendants, who will then send you those family treasures. Chelsea is also dedicated to interior decoration.

The young woman often shares interesting stories of items returned to her relatives through her dicto account @chelseyibrown, in which she has accumulated. More than 108 thousand followers. On the profile of the popular video social network, he also shares topics related to interior decoration.

60 years later, a woman receives love letters from a US soldier who loved her. (Photo: @chelseyibrown | TikTok)

Removing monuments from thrift stores is part of the interesting content Chelsea is sharing through its social networks. Teen from New York Has returned about 200 antiques To the closest living member of the family of objects it finds.