May 28, 2023

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Viral Video | A cat falls from the sky, knocks him unconscious and a dog with shoes comes to him Viral | Stories | Facebook Viral | Twitter | China | CH America nnda nnrt | Stories

Can you imagine walking down the street when suddenly a cat fell from the sky to knock you down? As if this weren’t enough, imagine that this is already weird The dog with the fighting shoes with this cat will be added. The video of this moment went viral on social networks because of how incredible it is.

According to a security camera inside In the city a man was walking with his dog Harbin, In the province of China Heilongjiang, When a cat fell directly on the man from the balcony of the building and fell on his head, as it was pointed there directly.

ConflictHe knocked the man to the ground and knocked him unconscious. One person who witnessed the unusual cat attack called emergency services and the person was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The hospital found that the man had suffered a cervical spine injury after the cat landed on his head. . The elderly dog ​​Walker was finally released from the hospital and recovered for a while at home Orthopedic collar.

But that’s not all. After the coup, a Dog with shoes He approached the man, married him and went to meet the cat that was hiding in the nearby street. Even after being recorded by someone, that video has gone viral for how amazing it is to believe all this Security camera.

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Hundreds of people inside They wonder if at some point something like this will happen and their employers will use this as an excuse not to go to work. Some have used scenes to create and enrich their respective memes History.

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