May 31, 2023

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A medical student in He was shocked when he was told to dissect a corpse for fear of seeing a dead person face to face, but he found out that it was someone he knew. This The traumatic experience he had to live with Enya Group (26) This caused all sorts of reactions among more than one internet user .

In 2014, on one of his internships , Team And his comrades gathered to perform their rituals with three lifeless bodies, not imagining that a few minutes later he would run away as soon as he identified the person to be cut by the scythe. It was about the divinity of his friend for more than seven years, with whom he had a feast. “He had two bullet holes in the right side of his chest.”He told the Nigerian journalist and novelist Adobe Tricia Navpani Of .

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In the words of the students, most of the corpses they use for anatomical procedures contain bullets, but the vast majority of them are not criminals. Exactly that morning Team The aforementioned inspection found his friend in the morgue of the house, a police van came with several bloody bodies, which are believed to belong to the victims of police brutality, which is a victim Since many years.

More about the story of the case that opened the debate in Nigeria

When you regain your composure, Enya Group Contacting family Divine, Who was looking for his cousin at various police stations after he and three of his friends were arrested after returning from the night. His relatives were eventually able to claim his body, and the case sparked a debate over the lack of bodies for medical schools and what is happening to victims of police violence.

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In , Current laws provide “Unclaimed Bodies” From public mortuaries to medical schools – 90%, according to medical anatomy research in the 2011 issue of the medical journal “Criminals killed”That is, they are suspected to have died in the shooting with security elements – and the government, in addition, could match the bodies of the hanged criminals, although the last execution took place in 2007.

Another fact to note is that the estimated age of donated bodies is between 20 and 40 years, 95% of men, three-quarters are part of the lower socio-economic level and voluntary body donation is not registered. For this reason, the Association of Anatomists Seeks to change the law to ensure that complete samples of samples and relatives’ consent are obtained.

As Enya GroupEvery time he entered the anatomy room he imagined himself standing in the doorway and stopped studying for weeks and was so shocked when he saw his friend’s body. Eventually, he was able to graduate a year later to his colleagues, who now work in a hospital laboratory , During the family Divine Some of those responsible for the crime were able to go to jail.

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