December 8, 2021

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A sheriff gave a great deal of recognition to one of his core members, who seized and led nearly 4,000 kilos of marijuana into a vehicle and distributed it in seven pressure cookers in the offender’s desperate attempt to cover it up. . This Kita: Florida’s new star police dog, .

Through a post on Facebook, Kita’s discovery became known. According to officials, the German Shepherd dog was in the State Race 70 with his partner, Sergeant Prodfit, who forced a driver and his companion to stop the vehicle for speeding.

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Kita quickly pointed out to his partner that it was necessary to sniff the car. That’s how the dog agent warned that there was something strange in the trunk, and the assistant sergeant began to inspect the vehicle. He found seven pressure cookers filled with cannabis.

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That dog “She showed physical changes. She stood near the pots and caught our attention.”Said DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office detective Christian friend. So, Kita, through his nose, guided and guided the seizure of nearly 4,000 kilos of marijuana, which reached $ 140,000 street value.

Two people in the vehicle were identified Maykel Capetillo and Ysabel Betancourt. Both were arrested and face charges for drug trafficking because they did not have a license to possess drugs for legal treatment use in Florida at the time of the arrest.

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According to a report by police officials to Telemundo, this is not the first time cannabis has been found in pressure cookers because in many cases these substances avoid being detected by smell, but go unnoticed by Kita’s nose.

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