August 13, 2022

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Famous Nusr-Et Steakhouse London Restaurant Still in the eye of the storm. This time it was not about the expensive menu of $ 2,000 gold-plated steak, but rather the fact that a diner in London was shocked that the staff who served him did not accept the 10, or about $ 13 tips. Criticism of chef Nusred Cox’s staff did not last long.

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For some time now, the famous butcher has been surrounded by questions about every detail of the place, not only because of the large sum of money to be invested in dinner, but also because of the confessions of rich restaurants and his own staff. Will sound.

They declined the tip

There are customers who pay special attention to the staff or staff who serve them when they go to a restaurant, especially if it is listed as one of the best in London. Matthew Hines, who came to Nasr-ed Steakhouse London, was shocked at the end of his experience.

As he wrote in Trip Advisor, they only gave to him “30 minutes to finish the meal” And “Service can only be described as robotic and fake”. Also, he mentioned it “The meat had little flavor and we got the best steaks in Weatherspoon”.

It’s not just like Matthew Hines added “After all, the employee asked us if we could give them a tip. When we offered them 10 pounds ($ 13), they turned it down and shook their heads.

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As published by the media , This is not the only criticism of the business in recent days Salt Bay, As noted in TripAdvisor by another person “We booked a schedule for 8, we got confirmation, and then we came in and they said we didn’t have a reservation.”.

“It was recorded 8 weeks ago and it was for a birthday. I was so angry that the service was disgusting.Added.

Controversy over salt bay price

Nusred, 38, currently owns 17 restaurants and has an army of famous devotees, including DJ Khalid. And David Beckham. Its London branch opened in October, the famous e Influencers The internet is eager to try popular dishes.

Recently, the millionaire who dined at a new London restaurant And the prices they charge at the company are “high”.

Ever since chef Nusred Coke opened his new home Nusr-ed Steakhouse In luxurious surroundings Knightsbridge In the English capital last September, more than one diner was surprised , Came to $ 6,900, And many customers expressed their dismay at the accounts at the end of the night through the networks.

According to Chirac Susak, a 33-year-old contractor who works at investment banks, he identifies as a millionaire, not even worth the food he eats at the restaurant. “How can a man justify charging $ 15 for a drink or $ 870 for meat?”, He commented to one of the British media About his experience at the new Salt Bay store in London.

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Who is Salt Bay?

Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish chef and restaurant maker nicknamed Salt Bay, owns the Turkish steakhouse chain Nusr-Et. His art is to cook and prepare meat The internet has become a sensationTrained as a butcher and cook.

Gökçe was born in 1983 in Erzur, Turkey. His father was a miner. Due to financial problems in the family, he dropped out of school in the sixth grade He started working as a trainer in a butcher shop At the age of thirteen he worked in the Turkish slaughterhouses in the Katikoi district of Istanbul for more than 10 years. He is of Kurdish descent.