December 8, 2021

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In many cases, we find ourselves in less anticipated products We would not have imagined that. This is the level of 50 peso bill, which has a post with tender message that moved all users. On Now they are looking for its owner .

“Grandfather’s Last Sunday”, Read in the bill published in Facebook By a woman Guadalajara, Who claimed to have received this money in exchange.

Likewise, he promised to take note once he received it The latter it is, But, in addition, he was very interested in a date engraved message: March 20, 2021.

The ticket that made everyone move on Facebook

“In return for them giving me this ticket, I imagine, It was the last Sunday I received from Grandpa. That’s why I imagine he wanted to tag it and keep it, Reported this person on the aforementioned social network.

However, he appealed to the people that this was not enough for this woman Facebook So they can find Bill’s original owner in this story, It is the only condition that shows that he is his grandfather, In addition to revealing the name of the alleged person.

Users are looking for the owner of the tender ticket

“If you recognize this bill, write to me to return it to you, so that you may have that beautiful memory. Tell me what your grandfather’s name is, and let him know that he is yours. Share to go to your owner, He revealed.

The woman asked the Facebook community to help find the owner of the ticket. (Photo: Glez Mari / Facebook)

Immediately, hundreds of users of this site are engaged in the task of sharing this release to find out where the grandson is. Curious to know why, he finally had to remove the said rupee note.

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