December 8, 2021

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Do you follow it? The Yes they are fulfilled, it will reconsider what you want. Joel Mistocles, 33, of Sவோo Bernardo, knows it well. , Graduating in medicine was not easy for him because he even sang on buses to get money for his education. This is your copy .

Graduation is something that requires time and effort, but it can be very difficult if you too have to support a family with a lack of resources to pay for the expenses of studying at the university. Fortunately Joel did not bow Took advantage of his musical talentAlso, he and his wife and his children sang to make money on city buses with his guitar to move forward.

“I always dreamed of being a doctor, I struggled with the instrument I had for that dream, it was music. It was never easy. My wife and I have always struggled, We have to take care of our son, but I will not give up “, Now a graduate in medicine said . Joel decided to pursue this hobby while studying, which may seem difficult, but it is worth it.

“When I finally got into medicine, I was already singing on buses. So I sold my CDs on buses, sometimes because of the stuff I had, the cable, the charger, the cell phone picture. When we have a dream, we struggle with what we have, The doctor explained to the aforementioned media.

On Doctor Day the dream came true

Coincidentally, on October 18, Doctor’s Day was celebrated in Brazil, the same day Joel fulfilled his graduation dream. It was one of the most appreciated Congratulations on everything you did to achieve your goal. It took seven years of research and sacrifice to achieve it. Joel sang in hospitals while doing his medical training, which was something his colleagues recognized.

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Joel Mistocles with his wife and children. (Photo: Facebook | Joel Mistokles)

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