May 31, 2023

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Viral | Grandma won the prize and shared with the cashier who inspired her to buy the lottery: “He’s the sweetest guy in the world” | Instagram | USA | Video | Stories | Nnda | nnni | Viral

I really like this gesture. Grandmothers should always encourage their grandchildren to share and fill them with good examples. The story is no exception, with its protagonist Marion Forrest, an 86-year-old woman, being encouraged to buy tickets from him. After being motivated by a cashier at a store in New York. Although he did not win the $ 500,000 jackpot, he collected $ 300 and promised to split it with the young worker. A video from Shows the best heart of its protagonist and is already viral.

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Tickets to win

According to Heidi Forrest, who describes herself as an actress and entrepreneur on her Instagram account, a few days ago her grandmother went to the Dukes Mini Mark shop near the New York neighborhood where she lives to buy some necessities for her home. . When he was ready to pay, the cashier asked him to buy a Fantasy 5 lottery ticket. After thinking for a few minutes, the woman accepted.

“Well, if I win, I’ll share it with you.”, As raised from, the old lady promised to the local staff .

When the lottery draw was held, a few days later, Marion Forrest found that he had unfortunately not won $ 500,000, but he made $ 300, and he decided to keep his promise.

Surprise the store clerk

The 86-year-old woman, along with her granddaughter Heidi, devised a great way to surprise Walter, the young cashier at the store, and share his successes.

At With a description of his family member on Instagram “My heart, Marion Forrest is unique”, You can see Grandma entering the store with several balloons in her hand, one of them had a special message: “Walter won”.

When he saw the woman approaching the counter, the cashier was completely shocked because he could not believe that he was keeping his promise. Visibly receiving the stamped envelope and balloons, Walter came and thanked him profusely, all with the background of applause from those on campus.

In an already viral video, Marrion Forrest is heard saying this “He’s the sweetest guy in the world”, They are known to be regular customers of the Duke’s Mini Mark Store in New York.

Viral video of Grandma sharing her award

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