May 20, 2022

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Video | Xu Xianjian: Extraordinary escape of a fugitive from North Korea through the roof of a Chinese prison | The world

Last Monday, October 19, a man escaped from prison . The spectacular moment was recorded by security cameras.

Now for his recovery a Reward $ 23,000.

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The Stay awayAs the video shows, while he was in the work yard he climbed a roof over the edge of the jail and left the place.

Video shared Social Websites And internet users were shocked by the man’s agility to reach his goal without the guards.

Who is the fugitive?

The prisoner is called Xu Xiangxian And from it North Korea. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for “illegal border crossing, theft and robbery,” according to CNN.

Also, in 2013, that person was arrested China After crossing the border with North Korea.

Xu Xiangian is a fugitive from China and a native of North Korea. (Photo: Jillin Prison. EM).

However, this is not the only or “least culprit” he has committed. June: Upon reaching the city of Dumen, he looted several houses and stole money, cell phones, shoes and clothes.

According to the court report, the man was found by a woman, who stabbed him in the back.

Fortunately the woman did not die.

The culprit was caught while trying to escape in a taxi.

”I took the knife tied around my waist and stabbed Grandma in the back. Then I realized he had a wallet. I tried to remove it, but it didn’t let up, so I stabbed a few more times. “Xu told the court.

Master Fioke

Returning to the present, its video To escape Attracted many netizens. The current release on Twitter has reached 57.5 million views.

You can see it in the video Zoo He climbed into the barn and carried the rope running across the roof, damaging the electric fence around the prison.

Eventually, he makes a move to climb the metal fence, no longer afraid of being struck by electricity, and disappears.

Authorities searched the area and paid a whopping $ 23,000 to anyone to locate him.

Why is the amount so high? According to CNN, the figure is “five times higher than the average annual income of urban dwellers in Jill and nine times higher than in rural areas”.

However, the reward announcement was removed from social media and some hashtags and event related posts were censored.

Why did he escape from prison while remaining ‘small’?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, various speculations may give clues.

According to the judicial report, the North Korean had to serve 11 years in prison, after which he would be deported to his native country.

In 2017 and 2020, the Judgment From Zoo Dropped twice.

It happened, according to CNN, “For repentance, good morals and active participation in ideological, cultural and vocational and work activities.”

He was released in August 2023. It has been two long years, but it is speculated that the future forced him to escape: he must return North Korea. I would make it a flaw.

According to a Human Rights Watch report, North Korean defectors are almost certain “Criminals” In the country, they may face various prison sentences for this.


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