May 28, 2023

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Video of his voice heard for the first time after criticizing his restaurant in Salt Bay and London | Nusret Gökçe | Instagram | London | Viral | Nnda | nnni | Stories

Not because their food is so expensive. Millions of people around the world have watched his viral videos, where he roughly salted the meat with a certain technique, while others paid exorbitant amounts to enjoy the gold-plated meat he sells at his London restaurant Nasr-Ed; However, very few were happy to hear the voice of the famous and controversial chef . A recently released video on Instagram revealed the mystery of how Nasret Coke, who was inspired to declare his love for the UK capital, has his real name.

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For a few weeks now, the Turkish chef has been the target of criticism because rich restaurants do not agree with the service of the location located in the luxurious London neighborhood of Knightsbridge. The most recent is from someone who pointed it out The staff told him he had 30 minutes to eat the incredibly expensive food he had ordered and to empty the table. The time limit is $ 995 per hour or $ 16 per minute to enjoy the $ 1,951 gold-plated steak.

The Voice of Salt Bay

Attention and service In the midst of the question, the cook Salt Bay Posted a video on Instagram in which he was asked: “Wait a minute. I want to say something about London.”.

This came as a huge surprise to his 40 million followers because most of the time he only shared photos or pictures of salted meat, but he never spoke.

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London is my big dream. One day, the next day, every day. All the time. I love London (…) London is different ”Added Salt Bay.

At another point in the recording, he is asked how he is in English, and he confirms it “Almost like a Brit” He followed the citizens as “you know” (you know) and “cheers” (health).

According to ‘Freedom’, The video released on November 11 “for the first time” heard the chef’s voice and did not take long to get reactions from his followers. “I think it would be nice if he didn’t talk.” Oh “Don’t talk, cut the meat” And they pointed it out “Why talk so weird?”.

Farewell to London

Six weeks after opening the Nasr-ed restaurant in Nightsbridge, London, the chef decided to leave the city and move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he opens his 28th restaurant.

In a post on Instagram, he shared the message with his followers and invited them to his local farewell: “I want to see you beautiful men before I go.”

Controversy over salt bay price

Nusred, 38, now owns 17 restaurants and has an army of celebrities, including DJ Khalid. Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham. Its London branch opened in October, the famous e Influencers The internet is eager to try popular dishes.

Recently, the millionaire who dined at a new London restaurant And the prices they charge at the company are “high”.

Ever since chef Nusred Cox opened his new home Nusr-ed Steakhouse In luxurious surroundings Knightsbridge In the English capital last September, more than one diner was surprised , Came to $ 6,900, And many customers expressed their dismay at the accounts at the end of the night through the networks.

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According to Chirac Susak, a 33-year-old contractor who works at investment banks, he identifies as a millionaire, not even worth the food he eats at the restaurant. “How can a man justify charging $ 15 for a drink or $ 870 for meat?”, Commented to the British media About his experience at the new Salt Bay store in London.

Who is Salt Bay?

Born in Salt Bay Ersuram (Turkey) and of Kurdish descent. He left early due to financial problems and started over Worked as a butcher shop trainer In the Turkish capital at a very young age. He traveled to various countries such as Argentina and the United States and returned to Turkey to open his own restaurant.

He became famous in 2017 through a viral video in which he showed up Meat is a strange way of salting. Since then his popularity and success has grown at the same rate as his bank account. But this Turkish chef has grown in stature due to his closeness to social media and celebrities.

In terms of work, he built his empire. In 2014 he came to the luxury city of Dubai, after which he opened his chain of Nasr-Ed restaurants. To almost five continents. Salta Bay owns several companies in its own Turkey and has opened companies in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York, Dallas, Boston, Beverly Hills, London and Mykonos.