June 8, 2023


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Venezuela: The regime of Nicolas Maduro denies attacks on immigrants and foreigners in Chile.

Rule Nicolas Maduro On Venezuela The attacks were denied this Sunday Immigrants This happened in the last days of the northern city of Iquique Chile, Where protesters set fire to the belongings of a group of foreigners, including the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela Prevents racism and attacks Immigrants Venezuela also needs national and local authorities Chile Respect for the physical and psychological integrity of our citizens, “said Delcy Rodriguez, executive vice president of administration.

The officially mentioned events took place in the north, at the end of a huge march called the Iquique. Chile, Which was attended by about 5,000 people, including a A group of protesters set fire to tents used by foreigners Spend the night in the squares and beaches.

In this regard, Rodriguez reported President Nicolas Maduro Ordered to implement a program called the Volda la la Batria Project, which facilitates the repatriation of foreign-affected countries by foreigners in the event of an attack by the Venezuelan people. Chile Can go back Venezuela.

“Shame not allowed”

Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Immigrants The United Nations, Felipe Gonzalez, described the event as “an unacceptable insult”.

“Unacceptable shame Immigrants Those who are particularly vulnerable are the ones who are most affected, “Gonzalez wrote on Twitter.

“Racist rhetoric integrates migration to crime, which is unfortunately on the rise. ChileIt incites this kind of barbarism, “he continued.

Speaking to Efe, director of events and research at the Esuit Immigration Service (SJM), Carlos Fikiurova condemned the violence, which took place “in response to a humanitarian and health problem.”

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“We call for respect for the unity and dignity of all people, and above all, for the respect and assurance of the human rights of children and adolescents,” he added.

To date, there are about 3,500 Immigrants – According to some neighbors – people stranded on the streets of Iquique, most of them after entering Chile Cross unauthorized crossings at the border and cross the path to the beach.

Most come from Venezuela Looking for an opportunity at ChileBut in the midst of health restrictions, immigration policy and a lack of economic resources, they were unable to continue their journey and were stranded in shelters or makeshift camps.

According to the Investigation Police (PTI) ChileBetween January and July this year, 23,673 complaints were registered through unauthorized steps to enter the country, which is 40% more than by 2020.

(With information from EFE)

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