January 26, 2022


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VENEZUELA LIVE: The Nicolas Maduro government and opposition parties begin their talks this Friday in Mexico to end the crisis | Juan Quito | Norway | The world

Government of And the opposition will begin talks on Friday As confirmed this Thursday by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to find a joint solution to the crisis affecting the Caribbean country

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Mexico This Friday afternoon The “The beginning of the negotiation and dialogue process VenezuelaAnd the meeting place will be announced early tomorrow morning.

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At the request of the parties concerned, he explained that strict safety and health ethics would be followed among the media representatives attending the conversation due to the epidemic.

In addition, he recalled entering the meeting place, wearing personal protective equipment (masks) was mandatory.

On August 5, the chairman MexicoAndres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that the country would hold talks between the government. Nicolas Maduro And opposition to Venezuela due to the crisis in that country.

This Thursday, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrat, That is mentioned in a short message The parties participating in the dialogue in Venezuela were “in the final stages of their research negotiations” to begin the dialogue.

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Leader of the Opposition Juan Quito Although he will not take part in the talks in person, he started the dialogue program last May.

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Part of the anti-Savista opposition will be the Venezuelan opposition and the former deputy Stalin Gonzalez, From the Un Nuevo Timbo system looking for this junction “Fight for the seats of democracy” And “Debate, Compromise and Building Stores”The critical humanitarian emergency we are experiencing. “

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Nearby Juan Quito And General Secretary of the Primaro Justice (PJ) Party – Chairman Henrik Gabriels Be part-be Thomas Guaniba, Said he would do so after being appointed as another of the negotiating representatives “All efforts are needed to make this process effective for Venezuela’s independence.”

They will attend on behalf of the Venezuelan government George Rodriguez, Speaker of Parliament and Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Hector Rodriguez, Governor of the Central State of Miranda.

This Thursday, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, His son, said deputy Nicolas Maduro GeraHe will also be part of a government delegation going to Mexico to speak with the opposition.

“Nicholas Ernesto is part of the Dialogue Commission to Mexico, headed by Dr. George Rodriguez. They are going to Mexico to address the right-wing extremist regime that rules from the United States.” The president mentioned this in a speech broadcast on the state channel VTV.

Ahead of the conversation – Venezuela’s public television will broadcast until Monday, August 16 – Venezuela Expressed his will “Free” and “fair” elections on November 21, When calling on Venezuela for elections to elect the next mayors, state governors and local and regional representatives.

When the leader Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Confirmed that he was ready for a round of talks with “all opposition parties”, but demanded that international sanctions be lifted before the talks could take place.

When the leader Juan Quito After years of failed negotiations, he announced himself as interim president in 2019, one of the few who chose dialogue with other countries in the region, such as Mexico and Uruguay, to reach a consensus solution to the crisis.

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By 2020, minority opposition parties are sitting in talks, with interruptions, trying to extend it to the present day.

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